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About Mechapixel

 A look at our journey from private site to public site,
 our photoshop contests, and everything else you might
 want to know about hanging out on Mechapixel.
'Fisherman' by Nocguy

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Note: sections marked with "*" below are inaccurate, and are being re-written during the site overhaul.

    How did this site originate?
In February 2003, Vedman (aka Ved) thought it would be fun to have a place where some of the prominent photoshoppers on could hang out. So, he started a discussion group on Yahoo, with the intent of bringing a few of Fark's regular photoshop thread contributors together. The first wave of inductees came together in February of 2003; 19 people were sent invitations to the group. Nearly everyone responded within a few days, joined the group, and the community was born. The group soon grew to 50 members, and due to the limited functionality of Yahoo Groups, we decided it was time to move on.

In April 2003, Ved developed a simple web site which allowed for 1-on-1 photoshop contests, and more robust forums. On May 8 2003, our first contest ("DrToast vs method") officially went live. Over that summer, Ved started working on building a contest system that allowed the entire group to participate. Our first group contest ("Mate a Movie") went live on October 24, 2003.

    How did this site gets its name?
During your journeys through Mechapixel contests, you may come across a few references to "PWA" sprinkled in early entries, or even contests. PWA, or "Photoshoppers with Attitude" was our original name, and it marks the period in which we were a private web site in 2003 and 2004. When we opened the site up to the public shortly after Thanksgiving 2004, we decided a name change was in order.

While "Mechapixel" has no real meaning, it is a nice play on words. And we thought it sounded cool.

    So this used to be a private site. Why go public?
The decision to "go public" was made in April 2004, shortly after our first Faceoff tournament had ended. Most of the PWA members found themselves enjoying photoshopping more here than on other web sites, and we thought, "Why not expose ourselves to the world?" Regrettably, some of us took that literally, and after bail was posted, we all agreed that exposing ourselves figuratively was a better option.

    What makes Mechapixel different from other photoshopping sites?
While it was recognized that there were a number of prominent photoshopping sites out there (that had been around for years), we felt that none of them seemed to contain a middle ground between humor and quality. Most photoshopping sites exclusively promoted one or the other, but didn't really cater to both styles in their contests. Well, we felt (and still feel) that we've carved that niche. Can photoshops be both funny and well done? Hell yeah they can.

    What exactly can I find on this site?
Mechapixel offers a wide variety of entertainment, but our focus is on photoshop contests. Our four different types of contests allow us to cater to photoshoppers of all types, including beginners, intermediate, advanced, those that just want to do a quick 'shop, and those that want a long-lasting back and forth battle with another member. If you're not a photoshopper, we encourage you to view any of our contests, vote, and/or comment on entries. You don't have to know how to photoshop to share your opinion!

Of course, Mechapixel is about more than just photoshopping; it's also about about entertainment, gaming, and an atmosphere that can be compared to the TV show "Cheers". That is because most of all, Mechapixel is about community.

    This place is intimidating! Do I have to enter contests?
We realize that not everybody has the software or wants to actively photoshop. We've worked to expand the sites in other ways, so that folks can be contributing members of our community without photoshopping. Everyone can vote and comment on entries, and everybody can submit contest ideas. Our forums also cover plenty of things that have nothing to do with photoshopping, so everybody's other interests and passions also have a place here on Mechapixel.

If you are new to Mechapixel, you should stop by the Newbie forum and post a new thread saying hello! Be sure to tell us how you found the site, and what your favorite kind of pudding is.

    Who's in charge around here?
Mechapixel has three administrators, who are also founding members of the site. They all share multiple duties, but here are the most prominent:
  • ved - site features, coding, contest setup, layout design and graphics, bloated figurehead :: send message
  • anime - member management, forum features, coding, graphics :: send message
  • kokopelli - contest setup, external promotions, public relations, writing :: send message
A current list of Mechapixel moderators can be found on the memberlist. Moderators do the usual business of cleaning up inappropriate or accidental content on the site, including posts/threads in the forums, entries and entry comments. They also provide a great deal of ideas and feedback for the admins, and contribute heavily to the forums.

In most cases, the first place you should go if you have issue is the contact page.

Photoshop Contests
    Tell me about your Graffiti contests. How do I participate?
Our Graffiti contests are announced three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) at 9:00 AM EST. They use checkbox voting; only vote for entries you like.

Graffiti contests are geared towards photoshoppers and photographers of all skill levels. They tend to be more about fun than competition, and are thus more relaxed than our weekly contest. Graffitis are either a theme, where participants are given an idea to shoot for, or a STP ('Shop This Picture), where a specific picture is given to alter.

More about Graffiti:
  • The site will host all images. You do not need to host your own entries.
  • Images are often related to news/current event photos, or objects just begging to be 'shopped.
  • Participant identities are visible for all to see, all the time
  • Entries can be submitted any time up until the contest closes and voting ceases.
  • Real-time results can be viewed by anyone at any time, even if they don't vote.
  • Graffiti contests end after two days, allowing everyone sufficient time to create an entry and vote
Anyone can suggest a picture or theme for a Graffiti contest. This can be done through the form on this page. The site admins review submissions daily, and approve them based on the queue voting results, the quality/idea behind it, and how many other contests are lined up at the time. Any and all suggestions are appreciated and would potentially help out the site, so if you have an idea, please don't hesitate to suggest it!

View all Graffiti contests

    Tell me about your weekly contests. How do I participate? *
Our weekly photoshop contests, or "Slags", are held every Thursday evening. Slags use a 1 to 10 scale for voting, and are usually more intense than a typical daily contest.

Slags are open to everyone, are usually geared towards the intermediate and advanced photoshopper, and offer a nice method of getting feedback due to the voting scale and individual entry pages. Slags are theme contests, meaning participants are given an idea to shoot for, and an example image for inspiration. More info:
  • The site will host entries for those who have Mecha+. All others must host their own entries.
  • Entries must be submitted by the deadline; no further submissions will be taken after that point.
  • The identity of each participant remains hidden until the contest has ended.
  • Entries typically remain hidden until the contest begins.
  • Members have 24 hours to vote on the entries in a contest.
  • Participants cannot vote on their own entry.
  • Anyone can view the live standings of the contest on a ticker, after they have voted.
  • Once the contest has ended, everyone can view the final standings.
Anyone can suggest a picture or theme for a Slag. This can be done through the form on this page. The site admins review submissions daily, and approve them based on the queue voting results, the quality/idea behind it, and how many other contests are lined up at the time. Any and all suggestions are appreciated and would potentially help out the site, so if you have an idea, please don't hesitate to suggest it!

View all Slag contests

Updated: July 15 2006 (voting period changed to 24 hours)

    What is a Faceoff? *
A Faceoff is a one-round photoshop contest between two participants or two groups of people. It uses the 1 to 10 voting scale.

A Faceoff is either a theme contest, where the participants will be given an idea to shoot for, or it can be a STP, where the participants are given an original picture to manipulate. Each contest will specify which of these it is in the instructions.
  • There are two sides in a Faceoff competing against each other.
  • The identity of each entries creator will remain hidden until the contest has ended.
  • The site will host entries for all participants, regardless of if they have Mecha+.
  • Your entries must be entered by the start time. If one side does not get their entry in by the start time, the opposing side wins, unless you have a very good excuse and in that case, a new date will be set.
  • Entries will remain hidden until the contest is live.
  • Members have 24 hours to vote on the entries in a contest.
  • Participants cannot vote on their own entry.
  • Participants and voters may watch the progress of the match on a ticker.
To challenge another member, fill out the form here. This form will notify the person you wish to challenge. At that point, they can either accept or reject the challenge. Admins approve Faceoffs and reserve the right to deny any Faceoff, whether the opponent has accepted or not. If you want to start a thread about a particular Faceoff, they may do so here, however entries may not be discussed until the contest has ended.

View all Faceoff matches

Updated: July 15 2006 (voting period changed to 24 hours)

    What is a Volleybattle? *
A Volleybattle is basically a series of Faceoffs between only two participants that runs for 3 or 5 rounds. It consists of volleys back and forth between the participants.

How they work
A volleybattle is always a theme contest. When the person being challenged accepts the match, he/she gets to determine who serves first; self or opponent. Prior to the Volleybattle start time, the server must submit two image files: one that will be displayed on the page (jpg/gif/png), and a TIFF file. Once the first serve is entered, the other person has two days to return the volley. The entry will show up after their 48 hours is up and their new TIFF will become available for the opponent to download. This will go on until there are 6 (or 10) entries; 3 (or 5) from each participant.

The tennis element
The first serve is the only original photoshop, and no image is provided from which to start. After the initial serve (entry), each entry must contain at least 10% of the previous entry. On less statistical terms, this just means that a noticable portion of your entry must contain an element of your opponents prior entry. This is why we require a TIFF version of each entry; the TIFF allows participants to work with a full-quality uncompressed version of their opponents previous entry.

Generally speaking, if one person does not meet an entry deadline during the battle, the other person automatically wins. Exceptions to this include network difficulties, or similar uncontrollable issues that would prevent someone from entering on time. If you miss an entry deadline, you need to contact an admin ASAP.

Voting on all entries takes place during the final 2 days of the match. The voting is similar to Slags and Faceoffs, but it's a bit more thorough. There are 4 total scales based on different criteria:
  • Technical or Applied Skill :: 1-5 scale
  • Concept or Humor :: 1-5 scale
  • Style or Artistic :: 1-5 scale
  • Overall score :: 1-10 scale
The reasoning for the duality in criteria such as "Concept or Humor" is that not all entries will go for humor.. and shouldn't be penalized for lacking it. However, you can always judge a photoshop based on the idea or concept. The same goes for "Technical or Applied Skill" and "Style or Artistic". The wording is simply meant to cover all relevant bases for each of the 3 types of criteria.

The Overall 1-10 scale is valued at 40% of the entry score, and the three smaller 1-5 scales are valued at 20% each (a combined 60% of the entry score). You can read more about Volleybattle voting here.

Voting restriction:
In order to vote in a Volleybattle, you must vote in 3 slag contests on the site. This does not take too long to achieve, and if you are logged in, you can check your complete slag voting history on this page.

Determining the winner:
Each round consists of two entries, and whichever entry has the higher score will win that round. However, this does not factor into the overall match win. The overall winner is the participant with the higher overall entry average (among all of his/her entries, in all rounds). For example: in a 3-round match, it is possible for someone to lose the first 2 rounds by a slim margin, but kick ass in the 3rd and win the match because of it.

If you're confused at this point, your best bet is to sit on the sidelines and watch a Volleybattle happen (or check out previous battles) before participating in one.

View all Volleybattle matches

Updated: April 14 2006 (added link to contests)

    I want to vote on entries, but I'm new here. Got any advice?
If you feel a little reluctant to jump in and vote on entries, don't worry... you aren't alone! Many new members who aren't accustomed to rating photoshop entries on a ten point scale aren't sure how to go about it. For this reason, we have created a rating primer, which should help guide your critical eye for Mechapixel contests that use the 1-10 scale.

The rating primer is required reading before you first vote in a Slag or Faceoff. The voting practice quiz (at the bottom of the primer page) is optional, although we strongly recommend you go through it to get a feel for the scale.

In addition to the primer, please don't hesitate to ask questions in the forums if you would like additional tips on rating entries. Don't be shy! Everyone starts out as a photoshop contest newbie, so we know where you're coming from. We're here to help.

Updated: July 15 2006 (section added)

    Where can I host my entries or source images? *
The best solution to this answer is to get yourself some Mecha+ Gold by donating to the site (more info). M+ Gold will give you unlimited entry hosting on the site, as well as file uploading abilities, email, and several other benefits. It also helps us pay the bandwidth and hosting costs, and thus.. keep the site alive.

An alternative to that is to use an image host. Check out Image Host Advisory for a comprehensive list of free and paid image hosts.

    What is the voting jury? How can I become a juror? *
Ignore everything below; the voting jury is no more. A new system which allows all users to have voting power will be implemented in Fall 2010. More on this soon.

The Mechapixel voting jury is a hand-picked group of members who have proven themselves to be excellent voters in Slag and Faceoff contests, and for this reason they wield twice as much voting power as everyone else.

The primary reason the jury was created was to help offset some of the voting bias that exists in Slags and Faceoffs. This was not the result of any single occurance, but a growing number of instances where voters are showing lax judgement, or showing voting favoritism towards individuals rather than towards photoshops. "Censoring poor votes" was not and will never be a reasonable option, so we decided to go down the jury road.

The jury system was implemented on August 16, 2006, and took effect immediately. The jury is only relevant in Slags and Faceoffs; Volleybattle and Graffiti voting is not affected by jurors whatsoever.

There is no compiled listing of current jurors, but all jurors have this icon next to their username in their profile: Voting juror icon

What are the requirements to be on the jury?

Being appointed to the Mechapixel voting jury is a permanent promotion, provided the juror doesn't abuse his/her power. Being selected has nothing at all to do with how many forum posts someone has, nor how long someone has been a member of the site, nor any other contributions aside from voting. It is a priviledge given to members who fiercely meet the following criteria:
  • Low voting differential. Voting well above or well below a photoshoppers entry average on a consistent (long-term) basis results in a high differential, and that is not something we're looking for in jurors.
  • No vote packing a.k.a. "lazy voting finger". If a members' votes are consistently tightly packed in/limited to a 2-point range, this could be a disqualifying factor. There are very few contests in which every single entry deserves a 5 or 6; there are usually one or two above average entries that stand out and deserve a 7 or higher. The same goes with voting consistently high; 8s and 9s across the board is not an ideal practice for jury candidates. (This particular criteria pertains only to Slag contests, not Faceoffs).
  • No excessive bias towards particular members on a recurring basis. This should be fairly self-explanatory. There is a difference between voting for the creator and voting on the photoshop, and some voters don't realize how much they give themselves away when doing the former on a recurring basis.
  • Being a prolific voter. Consideration requires a minimum of 200 (Slag and Faceoff) entries voted on, and at least 50 in the past year.
The differential does not correspond to how high or low a member votes overall, but rather how close the votes are to the entry averages. The candidates voting statistics are compared to the voting stats of their peers, not to any pre-determined number on the scale. It's worth noting that being selected as a juror is not an automated and purely statistical process; there are two major factors (above) that require human scrutinizing in addition to stats: vote packing and bias.

How can I improve my chances of being selected as a juror?

There are a few helpful statistics on your voting history page: a "difference" column to indicate how close your votes are to the respective entry averages, and a "voting extremes" page. Both should assist you in recognizing high differentials or bias found in your voting history.

The Mechapixel administrators will constantly be watching for prospective jurors, including re-evaluations of those that were previously very close to being selected, but were passed on. The admins will also review all new members to the 200+ entry voting club on a fairly regular basis.

Updated: August 16 2006 (section added)

    How do you handle ties in contests?
Slags and Faceoffs
If two or more Slag or Faceoff entries end up with the same average, whichever entry has the smallest standard deviation (using the values of its votes) will take the place in question. The runner-up will receive the next place down.

Here is a simple example: say one entry receives votes of 6, 7 and 8, and another entry receives votes of 4, 7 and 10. Both entry averages would be 7.0, but the first entry would take the place in question due to a more concentrated opinion by the voters (and hence, a smaller standard deviation).

Note: prior to November 2004, Slags did not use a tiebreaker. So, you may notice some very early Slags with multiple people receiving the same token boxcutter.

There are no tiebreakers in Graffiti contests. This is because placement is based on whole-number votes (rather than decimal averages), thus it's much more common for ties to occur. We also do not hold Graffiti tournaments, so a mandatory tiebreaker (in order for someone to move to the next round) is unnecessary.

So, if multiple Graffiti entries end up with the same number of votes, they are all considered a tie. This goes for all places; there could be a 4-way tie for first and a 4-way tie for 5th, all in the same contest.

There are no tiebreakers in Volleybattle matches. They require so much effort and take so much longer than a single Slag or Faceoff contest, we don't think it would be fair for someone to not receive a boxcutter trophy in the event of a tie between the overall averages.

    Intrasite Competition (in house) *
We have had five intrasite tournaments so far: We traditionally hold two types of tournament each year. The "Slagsmas" tournaments are a series of Slag contests held each December, in which points are awarded based on entry placement. The annual spring tournament (now called Mechapocalypse) are comprised of single-elimination Faceoff matches, set up in a 32 or 64-man bracket format. Member-donated prizes are involved in all of our tournaments. For more information, please click the appropriate tournament link, above.

    Intersite Competition (multi-site)
Mechapixel participated in Worth1000's 2003 Battle Royale as the "Fark Veterans". The other sites participating were Worth1000, SomethingAwful and Photoshop Cafe. The review can be seen here.

    What is it? Can it make me a sammich?
Unfortunately, Mecha+ cannot yet make sandwiches, despite numerous efforts and gallons of wasted mayo. We haven't given up though; we're currently in the sourdough stage of development, and we're hoping to complete the toasting algorithm by 2017.

Oh, right.. what is "Mecha Plus"? It is simply our way of allowing Mechapixel members to gain access to numerous exclusive site features, while at the same time supporting the site by helping out with our monthly hosting, bandwidth and server maintenance expenses. Basically, without Mecha+ there would be no Mechapixel.

    Mecha+ benefits:

    • Early Contest Access - More time to work on entries for our contests; you will see Graffitis as soon as they are set up by an admin. Along with being able to photoshop at your own pace, this gives you a competitive edge; voting commences as soon as Graffitis hit the front page and open up to the public.

    • Bigger is Better - Your maximum entry size is 500 KB, as opposed to 150 KB for everyone else

    • Contest Queue Voting - Have a say in which contests run on the site! You will have the ability to view and vote on all photoshop contest themes and images that are submitted to us, all in real time. (see Preview)

    • Endless Arcade - Unlimited game plays per day, rather than 30 plays per day

    • No Advertisements - Ad bars in the site header and footer are completely removed.

    • Extended Profile - Several custom profile fields that you can blah anything into, as opposed to just one field.

    • Special Usergroup - A happy little bot named 8bit next to your username throughout the site, and next to your rank title in the forums. You also get a healthy dose of steroids injected into your member title (i.e. "M+ Member" instead of "Member")

Note: For a more compact overview of Mecha+ features, check out the handy comparison table on the signup page.

Updated: November 13 2010 (feature list updated)

    What else should I know about Mecha+?
Please be aware, activation works a bit differently now:
  • Mecha+ access is controlled via non-recurring Paypal payments. Recurring subscriptions are not currently available, and there is no other method of payment other than Paypal.

  • Your Mecha+ status will NOT be instantly activated; that process is done manually throughout the day. It can take anywhere between 0 and 10 hours for your M+ to activate; it is checked more frequently during the daytime, and less frequently at night. You will receive an email from Mechapixel that confirms your subscription.

  • Your Mecha+ expiration/renewal date will never be revealed publically. If another member wants to sponsor you when your subscription expires and asks what that date is, an administrator will contact you first and ask your permission to disclose the date.

  • While we certainly appreciate all donations to Mechapixel, having Mecha+ does not waive your responsibility to follow the site rules. If you are banned, your Mecha+ will not be refunded for the time you are restricted from accessing the site. If you receive probation, your access to some Mecha+ features during your timeout may be affected.

Updated: November 13 2010 (added manual activation)

    Sounds great! How do I sign up for Mecha+?
The first thing you need to do is create a free account! You can do so by clicking here. Then confirm your account via email, and you will be able to use the Mecha+ signup page.

If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Can I sponsor another member?
Absolutely! This can be done on the Mecha+ signup page.

    How can I just make a donation to Mechapixel?
While it is always ideal to sponsor another member (perhaps a friend or a newbie) as a means of giving back to Mechapixel, you can also make a straight-up donation via Paypal if you wish. To donate to Mechapixel, simply follow this link. Thank you!

Mechapixel Guidelines
    Site and Forum Rules *
Our rules can be found on this page.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with them, and check the page occasionally for updates. The acceptable content and NSFW guidelines apply to the entire site, including photoshop entries, entry comments, forums, shoutbox, etc.

Updated: November 13 2010 (link to new guidelines page)

    What happens if I'm banned? *
There are actually two different kinds of punishment given for breaking the rules.

Probation (aka "Timeout") is the most common, and it means you are restricted from using any feature that lets you voice your opinion on the site (i.e. posting, commenting, access to the shoutbox, editing your profile, private messaging, voting in forum polls), and playing in the arcade. You can still participate in contests, read the forums, etc. Probations can last anywhere from 24 hours to 24 months, depending on the severity of your misdeed(s).

If you find yourself restricted from certain areas of the site that you previously had access to, you probably received a timeout. Check this page to see the reason, and in the future, be sure to keep up with the rules.

Banned means you can't access any page on the site whatsoever. Bannings are less common, and if you are banned, it means that you are not welcome on the site. Bans can be temporary or permanent.

In either case, if you have a question or comment regarding your punishment, you should send feedback, rather than post about it after the fact somewhere on the site.

Updated: March 22 2006 (arcade is no longer available during probation)

    Contests: Disallowed Cliches *
The following are not allowed in photoshop entries anywhere on the site, unless stated otherwise in a specific contest. This list may change occasionally; updates to it will always be announced in the Site Discussion forum.

    Contests: Bad Taste
This is trickier than the cliche list. Your definition of good taste will be subjected to our approval. The unwritten rule of comedy is that tragedy only becomes funny 30 years after an event, and that still may be pushing the envelope. If you spend some time in the forum, you will come to learn what fits on this site and doesn't.

We do not accept:
  • A reference to any recent worldwide tragedy in a tasteless manner.
  • A reference to 9/11 in a tasteless manner.
  • Promotion or support for hate speech. Parody is acceptable, and we know the difference.
  • Anything that might make people queasy (excessive gore, etc).
The administration reserves the right to make the final decisions regarding definitions of the above.

Updated: March 4 2006 (wording)

    Contests: Not Safe for Work
We don't accept NSFW/NWS entries in our photoshop contests, even if they are linked as the full-size (popup) version or linked to in entry comments.

NSFW includes nudity and scantily clad people, wearing such items as skimpy lingerie, thongs, or other garments that are not technically nude, but don't leave anything to the imagination. Edited porno screencaps are also off-limits. If it's not safe for the workplace, then it's not safe to enter.

This does not include tasteful semi-nude artwork, or well-hidden nudity. For example, this image is borderline, but allowed since it would not be immediately obvious to a passing co-worker.

If you feel that your entry is borderline and you don't know if it would be accepted, feel free to contact us and ask.

Updated: March 4 2006 (clarification, scantily clad)

    Contests: Political
Political topics and images are restricted to a single area in the forums, but there are no restrictions on politically-charged entries in our photoshop contests. This is because politics have never presented a problem in contests, which can hardly be said for the forums.

Updated: March 4 2006 (section added)

    Where did the Slag contest name come from?
In October 2003, the group photoshop competition was getting ready to kick off, and we needed a name (because see, 'contest' was boring and overused). The suggested name that stuck out was "Slagsmål, offered by Lukket. Shortly after that, DocBubonic suggested we Americanize/bastardize it down to Slag.

According to Lukket, Slag is a Danish word meaning both battle (Slaget på Rheden = The Battle of Copenhagen) and a punch (Han fik et slag i ansigtet = He got punched in the face - literally: He got a punch in the face).

No, we are not sluts. Okay some of us are but don't tell our mothers.

    Where did the other contest names come from?
The term "Graffiti contests" (and "Graffiti Zone") was coined by DrToast in early 2005, when we were brainstorming a new type of contest on the site. It has nothing to do with spray paint; it represents the more relaxed and fun attitude (and quicker photoshops) that come with the contests.

Our photoshop duels were originally called "Head to Head" contests, but when we opened the site up to the public, we thought it would be more fun and interesting to use a different name. "Faceoff" was coined by Anime_honeydew and Vedman in late 2004.

"Volleybattle" was coined by Vedman in late 2004. It signifies a back-and-forth multi-round contest between two participants, similar to Photoshop Tennis.

    What's with the whole boxcutter thing?
The artist formerly know as Ash2k started it. It was soon adopted as the weapon of choice for Mechapixel.

The boxcutter has nothing to do with 9/11. We fucking hate terrorism.

    What's with this pudding thing?
Every Friday, our forums are splattered with pudding. Everywhere. Why, you ask? Our man Kid Entropy, The Esq. started in with the pudding.

As put forth by Puddin Pundit The_Entropy_Kid:

- Have you ever seen a person shooting a gun and eating pudding?
- Have you ever read 'Pudding related fatality' in the newspaper? Or heard it mentioned on CNN?
- Have you ever heard the phrase, 'That friggin' puddin' is pissing me off'?
- Have you ever lost faith in humanity because of pudding?
- Have you ever been on an elevator with a stranger and they go, 'Do you know what I hate?' and you're all like, 'No, what?' and they go 'Pudding.'?

See... so we encourage pudding usage daily; but it is on "Puddin' Friday" that you must bathe with, wrestle in or eat chocolate pudding. To once again quote TEK "Life would be just be ugly and senseless without Puddin' Friday."

    Why does George Clooney appear in random places?
Mr. Clooney doesn't know it yet, but he is the biggest celebrity fan of Mechapixel. His picture (right) appears in place of most animated GIF thumbnails, which often are not displayed on the homepage, or other prominate Mechapixel pages due to filesize and/or annoyance issues.

The reason we chose this picture, believed to originate sometime in 2003, should be obvious -- his baffled look perfectly embodies the notion of something missing, or gone awry. Or a big juicy politically active celebrity fart.

    What kind of medications are you guys on? *
Lithium, Caffene, No-Doz and Paxil, just to name a few. It is rumored that one of us has been huffing pudding, but we don't like to name names.

Credit: Ash

Last updated: March 25 2014 3:44 AM UTC

If parts of this page are outdated or you think something should be added, let us know.