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March 23, 2014 - 11:47 PM CST

Due to numerous and severe security issues recently discovered in scripts within these pages and in many flash games that reside here in the Arcade, we regret to announce it is now closed indefinitely.

Little did we know years ago, this arcade module has left a number of backdoors and loopholes through which hackers could step through and 'play games with our web server', so to speak. A recent intrusion, believed to be from a script embedded in a flash game, gave them access to some really horrifying things in the guts of Mechapixel.

In short, the code is awful and we apparently installed a few too many shady games back in the mid-2000s, in our lust to have a huge robust library available for our members.

Again we would like to apologize for this unfortunate yet necessary ending to the Mechapixel Arcade. Thank you for all of the good times you shared with us over the years; it was a real blast getting new high scores with you guys! Perhaps again some day.

Ved, Mechapixel Admin

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