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aarkieboy 2010-09-29 7:37

Tea & Crackers: How corporate interests and GOP insiders built the Tea Party monster
This is an article from the October 15, 2010 issue of Rolling Stone.

Chuck 2010-09-29 8:29

This thread may end up in the politics thread. Having read a lot about what the tea party has to say lately they drive me nuts. One, lets cut out Social Security, sure why not I have paid into it as has my employers since I was 16, why should I care? Medicare, yeah I am paying into that also. What of the seniors now with that have that as their only income, should we say fuck it and let them die?
As I near retirement I want my damn monthly check.

ash# 2010-09-29 8:31

Good idea.

Gear Jammer 2010-09-29 9:07

Can't say as I've heard anyone suggest that SS, and Medicare should be eliminated immediately Chuck, just fazed out over time, along with shit loads of entitlement spending in the federal budget. Those that are currently receiving benefits, or have paid in for a period of x years, would continue to receive, or receive a prorated SS/medicare benefit based on the number of years in, but in time, those programs would faze out.

Reading the first few paragraphs of the article, it would seem that the writer went into the project with a preconceived outcome in mind. Unbiased reporting, not found at Rolling Stone Magazine apparently, although I can't say as I'm particularly surprised.

JangoFett 2010-09-29 9:43


Originally Posted by aarkieboy (Post 21084)
from the October 15, 2010 issue of Rolling Stone.

Fuck, it's from the future. A scary dystopian future.

Chuck 2010-09-29 9:55

This kind of talk doesn't sound like phasing out of anything.

A Tea Party leader acknowledged she supports abolishing Social Security in an appearance this week on ''Larry King Live.'' St. Louis Tea Party co-founder Dana Loesch said she would ''absolutely'' eliminate the program, which has existed since 1935. Talk show host and Libertarian leader, Wayne Allyn Root agreed: ''At best I'd do away with it, because i can find a better way to spend and save my own $15,000.''

- the majority of whom are over the age of 45 -- sat in rapt silence as Bachmann outlined a plan to end Social Security for all those who will be under the age of 65 at the time her potential dream Congress enacts the legislation.

B L 2010-09-29 9:59

I'll have to finish later, but I liked page one.

Chuck 2010-09-29 10:05

By the way not here to pick a fight just to express my concerns.

b0rg9 2010-09-30 7:17

JangoFett 2010-09-30 10:53

"You see we're not rich -- but we might be someday!"

You know, I think that's a great unspoken point. The "work hard and you'll get ahead" ideal has been a great motivator in American life. I just wonder if that ideal is really true, or are most people who believe in that the equivalent of the tone-deaf hopefuls who try out for American Idol.

Chuck 2010-10-01 6:29

Some of the best and hardest working people I have ever known never got/get ahead, they stayed afloat, they lived okay but the idea of I started as a janitor and 20 years later I am the CEO, yeah that really doesn't happen or the odds of such is less than winning the big lottery jackpot.

Gear Jammer 2010-10-01 6:54

I know a number of people that started with nothing, and are now doing quite well. Course they took a chance, and put their life savings, and long ass hours of hard work, into starting their own businesses. Working for someone else will not likely make one rich. Starting ones own business may very well do so, but you need balls of steel to take the risk. Heavily tax the rich, and less folks will be willing to roll those small business start up dice, as the reward for succeeding is diminished greatly, but the risk of loosing it all remains the same, thus less jobs for those of us who'd prefer to take the 40hr work week working for someone else, and relatively safe, and dependable steady pay check.

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