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Stuv 2009-08-26 17:39

Quick photoshop Q.
Hey Mechapeeps!

BTW, in case you missed my brief message at snottybeer, the first TSZ post was me. ;)

Anyways, on my old computer I was using PS 7 :eek:. On my new computer I now have CS3, and have been fooling around with it. Still have to learn all the really cool things like smart objects and warping (VERY old news to you guys, I know).

I seem to remember taking a layer or a selection on a layer and hitting Ctrl-M for curves, or Ctrl-L for levels, for ex, to permanently change that layer or selection. NOT an adjustment layer, which you can go back and alter later. I can't seem to do that now. What simple thing am I oh-so-obviously overlooking? Anything else cool with CS I should know about?

Thanks for the help! Great to see all the old friends still hanging out here. :)

texasaurus 2009-08-26 18:21

Shortcuts lists here:

It says for CS3/Windows that you got it right.. so.. um.. caps lock? I don't know..

Stuv 2009-08-26 19:54

Sorry, I'm not talking about the shortcut, I'm talking about doing curves (or anything on that list) on a layer at all, without using an adjustment layer. Even in the pulldown menu, all of those options are grayed out.

texasaurus 2009-08-27 9:57

Ok I checked when I got to work (CS3/Mac) and it works fine for me.. the only way I could get it to disallow the IMAGE/.. file menu was 1) having a text layer selected, B) being in the middle of using the type tool.. and iii) having a shape layer (paths) layer selected. It worky on all my "pixel" layer, but nots the vectors to summarize.

fray 2009-08-27 22:32

Is your image in INDEX color mode?

Stuv 2009-08-28 2:14

I figured it out, it was a smart object. I was doing a head swap, and remembered reading that you can re-size smart objects as often as you want without losing resolution, is that correct? I had made the head into a smart object, and later, trying to color correct, it won't let you alter it with curves and the like without rasterizing it back into a normal layer first (or you can use an adjustment layer).

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