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Dinahmoehum 2010-08-26 21:49

MMC Lives!
And if there was a movie club, I would surely put this one up for voting!
Black Dynamite, I have only seen a few seconds of this and think it's a must see. It's streaming on netflix. I can't wait to see it.
That is the red band trailer I'd say nsfw

FulanoDeTal 2010-08-27 13:29

Shh! You wanna wake the rest of the bitches? :lol:

I second the motion for a rebuild of the MMC... BUT it needs to have some new structure I believe. Of course, I have no idea what it could be but we can start hashing out rules in this thread as they come up. I think a lot of us have Netflix, so streaming movies could be an easy way for all of us to see the selected film. Maybe those who have seen the movie give it a rating then we can have a list of Mecha's Favorite Movies. That way we don't just move on from week to week, the movie actually gets stored for posterity. Dunno, but I always liked the idea of MMC.

Dinahmoehum 2010-09-04 15:28

Some of the movies I snuck in during baseball season!

Ali This sucked, I was expecting a biopic, not an action movie, really disappointed.
Facing Ali Now, this, this was awesome! It didn't have any ali in it though, would have been nice to see some of his tv appearances.
Kick-Ass I fuckin love this movie! It's worth buying!
The Book of Eli Another turd, so many other better apocalyptic movies out there. I think denzel sucks.
61 Wasn't happy with this either, it's ok, probably too long, really not much of a story.
The Men Who Stare at Goats This is a stupid movie, I really liked it. I wish they did more of the stupid stuff with clooney, it was pretty entertaining!
When You're Strange This is a pretty good doc on the doors, there is some lame new footage that is not needed, the source stands up just fine.
Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked) Again, I had kinda hoped for more of a biopic, this plays more as a lets see if we can get every brit you know in this film. It's ok, I had just read a story about the real deal, and that is probably why I was down on it. It's worth seeing.
Gentlemen Broncos This is an odd flick from the napoleon people, it was kinda fun to watch!
The Informant! This was pretty good, it's just odd. Especially when it's based on a true story. I'd say see it.
Where the Wild Things Are I was disappointed in this, no real story, and I was afraid of that going in. It's pretty I'll give you that, but no substance.
Good Hair I'd say if you have any black friends at all, see this movie and make them see it! I love it, and gave a copy to my hair lady!
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Runnin' Down a Dream This was pure awesome! 2 discs of the petty story, I couldn't get enough and wanted more!
Capitalism: A Love Story This isn't a very good movie, but you should see it and the extras on the disc too. I liked the extras better than the film.
Zombieland You know this, a must see and worth watching over and over!
The Invention of Lying I liked this. Some say gervais isn't funny, but I like the premise of this. Sure it could be better, but it's a hell of a lot better than a lot of comedies these days.
Julie & Julia Good god this is awful. If you have any balls I dare you to sit through to the end.
Moon This is from bowie's kid, I liked it. Not a great big film, but it has something to it.
Hot Tub Time Machine I like the hell out of Craig Robinson, but i think the casting sucked on this. I was disappointed with it. I heard some lady say "I liked all the references to the 80's". Fuck if that is all they need to make a movie we are doomed.
Black Dynamite I loved this! I don't know how others will take it. I remember these movies, and this is a grindhouse type spoof of a black karate movie. It is for sure a love letter to these type films. FUN!

b0rg9 2010-09-04 19:05

I'm gonna add that Petty and Doors to my queue! I love getting music stuff with Netflix. Just returned some Leonard Bernstein performing "Rhapsody In Blue" from '76. It's listed with the piece, "American In Paris" though if you're searching for it.

I also have been on a Zappa kick. I see some music stuff become available then unavailbe again. I wonder if Netflix has to renew deals on some of these concerts?

I have Zombieland queued up and will push it forward on your recommendation. I'm embarrassed to say that I also have Julie & Julia in my queue. It was gonna be a rare occasion to watch a flick like that -- but I like Meryl Streep and Julia Child. May still put up with it some weekday night but thanks for the warning.

My home computer is super old and handles streaming media worthlessly. So if MMC takes off I'd like to just get the movie mailed. That's good for the extras anyway. I really need to bust out for a new computer soon.

ash# 2010-09-04 20:03

Zombieland was awesome. Nut up or shut up.

I thought Hot Tub Time Machine was funny. Not great, but entertaining.

Julia and Julia was an abomination. I was in the same room with a TV that was showing it while my wife watched it. I wanted to die.

Dinahmoehum 2010-09-04 22:13


Originally Posted by b0rg9 (Post 19571)
I really need to bust out for a new computer soon.

I think I got a modern era box, probably has an amd64 chip in it, you're welcome to it, it's just one of the many in the way up here. I know it works, but don't remember anything else about it, likely no hard drive, why it's here.

Hot tub time machine, isn't bad, but it's not good. I just had much higher hopes for it. Like 40 year old virgin, or zack and miri that I'll watch again and again. The team that was responsible for it doesn't have a history of making good movies. Funny people too, I think that could have been much better without sandler in it. I did like It's like Gary Coleman's fucking forearm and calling his 9 year old wife.

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