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texasaurus 2009-08-17 10:33

DWTS Fall 2009
PFC is a big fan, so by default I am too. As is BL, I assume.

Here's to hoping Tom DeLay is better at dancing than he is at obeying campaign finance laws. Dancing With the Stars host Tom Bergeron announced this season’s cast on Good Morning America this morning, and it included the former House majority leader. Bergeron said even he was floored when he heard that DeLay would be on the show. “I went, you’re kidding,” he said. “This guy is an X-factor,” the GMA host agreed.

With 16 contestants, it’ll be the biggest Dancing cast yet. Here’s the rest of the list:

* Michael Irving, former Dallas Cowboy
* Macy Gray, Grammy-winning singer
* Melissa Joan Hart, actress (Sabrina the teeange witch)
* Mark Dacascos, host of Iron Chef America
* Louie Vito, snowboarder
* Chuck Liddell, UFC fighter
* Kelly Osbourne, reality TV personality
* Natalie Coughlin, Olympic swimmer
* Mya, Grammy-winning singer
* Joanna Krupa, model
* Kathy Ireland, supermodel
* Ashley Hamilton, son of former contestant George Hamilton
* Debbi Mazar, Entourage actress
* Donny Osmond, Marie's other half
* Aaron Carter, pop singer

ash# 2009-08-18 15:24

Well, it might be fun to see Tom Delay fall and get a bloody nose, but otherwise you would pretty much have to hold a gun to my head to watch this show.

Domestic Goddess 2009-08-19 20:11


He ranks up there with the Hoff, for me. And I've never watched the show, so I guess i will now!

bruno 2009-08-20 7:55

Never really watched the show-maybe I'll watch Melissa Joan Hart, she makes my pants feel funny.

Was flipping around the other day and ran across the version with, um, "larger, more robust" people dancing.

At that very moment my TV remote died and all my friends walked in the door. OK not really, just a major fear.

Chuck 2009-08-20 9:58


Originally Posted by Bruno (Post 1217)
At that very moment my TV remote died and all my friends walked in the door. OK not really, just a major fear.

We have discussed the deadman switch for computer before but maybe we should for the TV also, you become non responsive and the TV goes to ESPN automatically.

texasaurus 2009-09-21 11:33

Starts tonight!

I will be expecting a lively discussion tomorrow.

Gear Jammer 2009-09-21 12:27


Originally Posted by texasaurus (Post 2137)
Starts tonight!

I will be expecting a lively discussion tomorrow.

Were the acronym to mean, Dancing With the Strippers...I'd be all in, but I'm afraid I'll have to pass on the discussion on this disappointing acronym translation.

kokopelli 2009-09-21 21:01

I'm holding out for "Dancing With the Porn Stars."

texasaurus 2009-09-22 9:46

REVIEW of Last night's show:

Aaron Carter (Banged Hillary Duff AND Lindsey Lohan, and apparently sings or something)

Not bad- has the athletic moves, but he looks like an over eager puppy. A lot of energy, not much control. I predict will have trouble hiding an erection at some point in the show.

Ashley Hamilton (George 'Tan-Man' Hamilton's son)

Stiff. recounted how he was in a motorcycle accident a while back and has brain damage- his right side of his body isn't as strong as his left. Looked like a bean-pole swaying in the wind. (swaying more to the left)

Chuck Liddell (Ultimate Fighting Ogre)

Imagine Shrek trying to dance. Now make him more unattractive, and put a goatee on him. Now DOUBLE the unattractiveness. I predict he will step on his partners foot at some point and the foot will actually come off. Then he will eat it.

Donny Osmond (Marie's Toothy Brother)

Actually, not too bad. Definitely a crowd favorite. Marie was in the audience and that slim fast or whatever has her MILF levels at around a 9. If your in to that kind of thing. And you are.

Louie Vito (Skateboard Punk/Lawn Gnome)

He looked like a scared 15 year old with a Beatles mop top dancing with his big boobed sister. Very nervous looking, but I think if he can get past that he might do OK.

Mark Dacasos (Iron Chef/Kung Fu Master)

Opening Song: Kung Fu Fighting (AWESOME), dancing the Cha Cha. Surprisingly agile, needs more control, but if he smoothes it out he will do well.

Michael Irvin (Dallas Cowboy Wide Receiver/Attention Whore)

Not good. Very cumbersome, didn't do much dancing. Has the strength, but not the moves.

Tom Delay (Former House (R) Majority Leader/Attention Whore)

Not good. I have to give him credit for breaking out of the "old white guy politician" mold, but wholly crap- bad costume, bad dancing, the judges obviously can't stand him (Hollywood, I'm guessing, is not a place for old republican politicians). Watch the video on line if you get a chance.

Tom Delays motivation for staying more than a week or two, BTW:

bruno 2009-09-22 11:22

Was flipping around last night between Good Eats/Monday Night Football, came across the show and gave it a chance. It just so happens I came across it when Tom Delay was dancing.

Eventually I was able to grip the rusty screwdriver with enough force to pull it out of my eyeball, and continued channel flipping until I found Good Eats. He made pancakes. Then he made waffles.

texasaurus 2009-09-22 21:03

Night II review:

Debi Mazar (TV Actress/Entourager)

Meh. Not a standout. Hamfooted attempt at the cha cha. Will be voted most "Chick most likely to punch" one of the other female dancers/stars. Needs a lot of work.

Mellissa Joan Hart (Teenage Witch/Waltz Slayer)

Very nervous first attempt. Looked good, but her dancing was pretty boring and slow. I kept thinking she was counting to herself 1,2,3..1,2,3... Where's your magic now, Sabrina?

My'a (Hip-hop Artist & 1/5th Creole Lady Marmalade)

First hottie of the night. Great outfit. She did a really good job, and I'm giving her an extra point or two for lugging all that trunk junk around through her waltz. Will be around for a while.

Kathy Ireland (13 time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Staple)

I had high hopes for her based on my recollection of her in her swimsuit days. She danced a very MILD salsa. Didn't shake enough- but looked good. I don't know if she can overcome her lack of rhythm. Needs work.

Natalie Coughlin (Olympic Swimmer/6 time medal winner)

Pretty good salsa. Brought her Olympic swimmers body and showed it off. She's hands down in the best shape of all the female contestants, but she need's to loosen up. If she can smooth out her dancing she can go a long way on the show.

Macy Gray (Gruff-voiced Grammy Winner/Hair Glitter Trendsetter)

I love her singing. The less said about her dancing the better. She has a lot of presence on stage, but her technique is lacking, to be kind. She's the star I'd most like to go clubbing with and end up in jail. With no regrets.

Joanna Krupa (Supa Model/PETA "I'd Rather Go Nekkid" Spokeszombie)

Best performance of the night, which demonstrates her talent- her center of gravity is unusually high- due to the enormous rack. Great outfit. Hot Salsa.. Could go all the way.

Kelly Osbourne (Ozzy Prodigee/Pharmacy Rat)

They put Kelly on last, and right after Joanna Krupa, which I thought at first was unfair- and I was expecting a train wreck- like she might fall and start crying or something or make a complete fool of herself (and maybe knife somebody). But you know, she really did a great job. Ozzy & Sharon were there, and in tears after her dance. She easily had the best waltz of the night. She has great rhythm. She's not the prettiest one or the the classiest, but she put the most into it and showed the most heart.

texasaurus 2009-09-23 20:03

First Elimination Show

Macy Gray & Ashley Hamilton were let go.

texasaurus 2009-09-28 21:08

Second Week Review

Last week they had the women dancing on one night, the men on the next and on the elimination show on the third night got rid of two contestants. This week they are all together and only one will be let go per week. The old British judge guy was not there tonight- out sick or something. They had some other guy that's a big dance movie guy sitting in- he worked on Moulin Rouge and some other movies.

Joanna Krupa (Model/Highest Scorer Last Week)

Last week she did a great job- this week not so much. She danced the Jive and looked good, but her partner did most of the work. It looked like she was more worried about how she looked instead of how she danced. Surprising for a model, huh?

Natalie Coughlin (Olympic Swimmer)

Pretty good- she has good energy, good presence- her kicks were a little weak (ironic for a swimmer), but overall a great job. Danced the quickstep. It should be noted that every Olympic contestant in the history of this show has taken the big shiny disco ball trophy home.

Chuck Liddell (Ultimate Fighter)

Pretty much crap. He's built for ultimate fighting. And Power Lifting. And kicking your ass. Not dancing.

Mellissa Joan Hart (Ex-teen Witch)

Not bad. Lots of energy, not so nervous looking this time. The matching polka dot outfits were a little over the top- much improved over last week. Needs to practice the footwork if she wants to stay in the show.

Michael Irvin (Former Cowboy/Tire Kicker)

Danced the Quickstep- a little improved from last week, but still cumbersome. Sort of looked like he was running though those tires they set up in football practice. Obvious he worked hard over the last week, but I don't see him staying long on the show.

Debi Mazar
(Drama Queen/Cranky Pants)

Danced the Tango. The judges liked her dancing better than I. I thought she looked clumsy and awkward. She has good presence, but came off a little too bitchy, which is sort of the point to the Tango. I still think she might punch somebody before it's over.

Louie Vito (Moptop Skater Boi)

Much improved from last week. TONS of energy. I think he decided being nervous wasn't his thing. Needs a little work with his rhythm, but the audience loved him. It's obvious he's having a good time, and that works in his favor.

Aaron Cater (Pop Weasel)

Man, I hate his hair. Bright Green Tuxedo. Danced to the theme to The Muppets. Brief guest appearance by Animal & Gonzo. I don't want to admit it, but he danced well. Especially good footwork on the quickstep. Contender.

Kelly Osbourne (Batty's little girl)

Had a rough time with the tango. Had a few missteps and seemed to lack confidence from last week. I think the pressure from doing as well as she did last week got to her this time. Still a crowd favorite. I think she has it in her to do well, but she should do some meditation or something and learn to not over think it.

Cathy Ireland (SMILF)

Quickstep. Huge Pink Skirt. She looks great- can't believe she's pushing 48. Still looks likes she's holding back, a bit too reserved. Better rhythm this week, but over all still disappointing.

Mark Dacasos (Kung Food Master)

Lots of energy, good presence, had a misstep at the begining, but overall very tight performance. He's actually almost too limber, needs to reign in the footwork. Potential to make it to the final few.

Mya (Hip-Hottie)

Great dance. Great job. Great outfit. Stupid weave. Really accurate dance steps, tons of energy, sexy, and dare I say- bootylicious? Best of the night. She's in it to win it, and if she keeps it up she's going a long way.

Tom Delay (Old School Republican)

Not great. Working with a bad foot. Stumbled at the end. It's only a matter of time before he loses the votes in the house.

Donny Osmond (Mister Mormonics)

Really good Jive. Best of the guys. Wore the hell out of that velour suit. Actually did the "Bat Dance" for a second. Lots of energy. Partners outfit will add at least 10,000 phone votes.

P.S. I'm going to the the Metallica concert in Dallas tuesday night, so I'm recording the show. I'll post the results to the elimination show as soon as I can..

texasaurus 2009-09-30 9:53

Second Elimination show:

I missed the show (went to see Metallica- BOO-YA!) but Cathy Ireland was booted from the show. My money would have been on the ultimate fighter guy or Tom Delay, but it was only a matter of time before Cathy bit the dust.

texasaurus 2009-10-06 9:48

Third Week Review
Weak 3

The old British judge was back, and grumpy as ever. We had an emergency with one of our dogs before the show and had to run to the vet hospital. He’s ok, but I missed the first few performances. Caught up this morning online, because I know you’re all waiting for my reviews. (Nods at BL)

Joanna Krupa
(Model McHottiepants)

Nice job. Hot outfit. She showed improvement from last week for sure. They must duct tape her partners peener down before the show to keep it in check. Will be around for a while.

Natalie Coughlin (Metal Medalist)

Not bad. Been working on her kicks. Showing lots of improvement, and if she keeps it up she’s gonna give the other dancers a run for there money. Those Olympic stars do well. I think it's the drive to win, and she's got it.

Chuck Liddell (Fighter Frightener).

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Please make it go away. UGGGGGHHH. Please. Seriously. Stop.

Melissa Joan Hart (Which Witch?)

Ok, she’s improving, but still not there. Had a wildass wig thing going on. I think she’ll be around a while, but doubt she’ll make the final four.

Michael Irvin (Bulk Hulk)

Still hasn’t found his rhythm yet. The female judge (Carrie) said it best, that his a big guy but trying to dance in a small space. I doubt he’s gonna last much longer. He can't seem to loosen up.

Debi Mazar (Dear God Make it Stop)

Just looked like a retarded robot in a rainbow feather skirt. She’s too emotional, as you can tell from the recorded clips. Not gonna make it. PFC agrees: "She's a great actress, but she cant dance for shit."

Louie Vito (Slacker Skater Dater)

Had his hair all greased back, and I’ll bet money he’s banging his partner. They definitely have a thing for each other, and by 'thing' I mean genitals. Did a pretty good job, but still not that great. He's having a good time though, and sometimes that helps. Don't see him going down to the final four.

Aaron Cater (Future Red Bull Spokesperson)

I agree with the judges that his energy is too uncontrolled. Wow, what a gay outfit, looked like a sheer judo top/smoking teddy. He dances well, I must admit, but I still hate him. Probably going to be there till the bitter end gaying the whole show up.

Kelly Osbourne (Underdog)

Seemed more relaxed than last week, but not great. You can really tell she’s lost a lot of weight from her days on the Ozzy show. PFC and I think she has a crush on her partner. She the star I think we all want to win, but realize that she'll probably mentally give up at some point and blow it.

Mark Dacasos (Asian Persuasion)

The man has the energy and is taking the dances head on. I agree with the judges that he need to control his feet better, but he’s doing well. Looked very professional tonight. Don't know that he has the fan base for the votes, but deserves to hang around a while.

Mya (Player- You’d Lay’er)

Continues to ooze the sexy all over the floor, and not bother to clean up after herself. Not doing any breakthrough dancing, but she's very solid and you can tell she’ putting forth a lot of effort. I think she’ll be final four- she deserves to be, at least.

Tom Delay (Broken Old Man)

Danced with TWO stress fractures, one in each foot. He’s horrible. It’s very uncomfortable to watch. You got to hand it to him for being tough, but he just ain’t got the moves. Will be gone soon. I'm sure this will be counted as an Obama victory.

Donny Osmond (Weezer, Pleaser, Teaser)

Tough dance to pull off, but he did pretty well. A bit too exaggerated at times, but the crowd loves him and he’s gonna be in the game for a while. He might have the fan base to go all the way, but by the last rounds on the show, the competition really gets pretty tough.

texasaurus 2009-10-06 15:59

09/06/09 3:56 PM CST

****** NEWS FLASH ******

Tom DeLay will announce on Tuesday night’s “Dancing with the Stars” that he will be leaving the show, E! Online reports.

Suffering from stress fractures in both of his feet, the former House Majority Leader will say “his injuries have left him no choice but to drop out of the competition.”

This has happened before (someone dropping out because of injury). I think that when it happens, they go a week without getting rid of anyone.. we'll see what they say about it on the results show tonight.

texasaurus 2009-10-07 5:35

Third Elimination Show:

As predicted, Tom Delay has resigned from the show due to the stress fractures in his feet, but they went ahead and got rid of Debi Mazar anyway. Thank you, America.

Queen Latifa was the guest performer on the show, and we were underwhelmed.

texasaurus 2009-10-12 21:12

Week Fore Review

There's still going to be plenty of suck out on the dance floor this week, but a few of the crap-tastic 'stars' are gone so it's getting a little better. The Two-step, the Bolero, the Charleston, and the "forbidden dance"- the Lambada are the featured dances this week.

Chuck Liddell (Ultimate Dance Destroyer)

"Danced" the Two-step. There's only so much of his horrendous boot scooting the voters will put up with. Lumbering. Awkward. I give him some credit for not injuring his partner so far, but he has very high levels of suck. He will be gone soon. Scored 17 out of 30, which was generous.

Melissa Joan Hart (Magic Worker)

Getting much better. Her dance was the Charleston, which they played it up in a cheesy comedic version. Nice costumes. Very fast dance, they hit all the steps right on and looked like they were having a really good time. She's gonna be around for a while. Scored 28 out of 30. Well deserved.

Natalie Coughlin (Dancing Water Vixen)

Danced the Bolero. Tough Dance. Beautiful outfit. I think she did better than the judges scored, it was a flowing dance, sort of like a ballet piece. She has a lot of energy, and this dance was more constrained than her other dances- she does better with the faster dances. I think she'll be around for a while. Scored 24.

Aaron Carter (Kid Crock)

Dude has a ton of energy. Gayest outfit of the night, but you don't get points for that. Danced the Lambada. Very athletic and lots of jumps and butt-shakin and what have you- but the rhythm was lacking, and they fumbled the final move, which the judges didn't notice apparently. His partner wore the heck out of the band aid sized skirt, which is worth mentioning. He has to smooth out if he wants to stay around and lose the over eager puppy BS. Scored 18.

Mark Dacascos (Chinese Cowboy Chef)

Didn't do that well last week (according to the Judges- said he lacked chemistry), but this week he danced the Two-step and did a fair job. Seemed to be "counting in his head" at times, and he lost his steps at one point, but recovered well. Had good confidence, and got into the character well. Scored 22, his best so far.

Kelly Osbourne (Crazy Trained)

Danced the Charleston. Great outfit. She's not as limber as some of the other girls, but she put everything she has into it tonight. Back story that she auditioned for Chicago stage musical, and got the part she tried out for, but couldn't dance so they moved her to a non-dancing part. Really looked like she was having a good time- Scored 23, and deserved it.

Joanna Krupa (Model Lambada So Hotta)

Super hot outfit. Very sexy dance, and lots of energy. Not sure, but he might of actually impregnated her at one point. Great moves, great curves, she's a natural for dancing. And making babies. Scored 26. A Very HOT 26.

Donny Osmond (Competitive Smiler)

Danced the Charleston. Very well done. Very crisp moves and he you could tell he was having a great time. One of the best dances of the night. Judges knocked him for not being "in sync" with his partner at one point, but it was barely noticeable. Best outfits for the Charleston out of those that danced tonight. Fun to watch. Scored 24.

Michael Irvin (Football been berry berry good to him)

Walked the Bolero. Slowly. He didn't move much. Looked more like his partner was giving him a lapdance. He's just not a dancer. Not gonna be around much longer. Scored a 16, which was generous.

Louie Vito (Luckiest Snowboarder on Earth)

A bit of an awkward Two step, one of those "partner did all the dancing" dances. She looked great, He lacked rhythm, he looked nervous, and he should be over that by now. He wont be on much longer I predict. Scored a 16, but he's probably nailing his partner so I doubt he feels too bad about it.

Mya (Sugar Booger)

Dances the Lambada- not quite as sexy as Krupa's- but technically better, I think. Looked great, high energy, very sharp and well choreographed. Scored 28 and deserved it. Great job.

texasaurus 2009-10-13 21:00

Elimination Show IV
Good show tonight. Shakira was the guest performer- yes, that Shakira, and yes, she did the "Hips Don't Lie" song. She is very bendy and fun to watch. She performed twice, and did one of those patented Michael Jackson moves during her first song. Could best be described with "She bends over backwards" to please the audience. We were pleased.

Oh, and Chuck Liddell, the "Ultimate fighter dude" was eliminated off the show. Thank god, he was horrible.

texasaurus 2009-10-19 14:45

October 19 - Pre-Game Rankings / Predictions / Thoughts

Show starts at 7 CST tonight. Tomorrow's elimination show is supposed to have a tribute to Michael Jackson. From the site:

"... the Dancing with the Stars professional dancers will honor Michael Jackson’s music and influence on dance with a fusion of classic ballroom and Latin styles. Choreographed by the professional dancers, this performance will pay tribute in a medley of three of Michael Jackson’s hit songs representing different styles.."

My current personal rankings/predictions of the Stars: (not scientific)

Mya & Joanna Krupa- tied for the lead
Natalie Coughlin & Donny Osmond - tied for second
Aaron Carter & Melissa Joan Hart - tied for third

The rest of the stars on the show will be voted off soon, because...

Mark Dacascos (Dosn't have a big enough fan base, not as good as the others listed above)
Kelly Osbourne (Just doesn't have the ability & too emotional)
Louie Vito (Concentrating more on nailing his partner than dancing)
Michael Irvin (Just sucks)

texasaurus 2009-10-19 21:35

Week Five Review
We are finally sorting out the talent. Some tough dances this week. Also, they did a group dance (The Hustle) which the judges commented on but did not give any scores. It was pretty fun to watch and they all wore cheesy seventies outfits. They had fun with it, but no one really stood out.

Natalie Coughlin (Solid Gold Dancer)

They danced the Paso Doble, did a pretty good job. She was wearing an outfit that reminded me of Wonder Woman, and danced to the song "American Woman" (the Lenny Kravitz version) I think she is trying too hard to get everything technically perfect, and not letting herself show enough emotion. Great to look at though. Scored a 23.

Aaron Carter (Rocket Boy)

Danced the Argentine Tango- a very complicated dance, and did very well. Still my favorite star to hate, but this week they did a remarkable job. One slight stumble, but the judges let it slide, and he showed a much more controlled, more mature dance tonight. Solid 26.

Michael Irvin (Enjoy your last moments, Cowboy)

His best dance of his so far, but probably too little, too late. Danced the Paso Doble- but to be fair, this dance is one that was made for his body type. Sort of a Matador theme and not very fast or complicated choreography. Best score so far with a 21.

Mya (Wango Tango Fandango)

Wore a cute emerald dress, danced the Argentine Tango. Mya is really fun to watch. Very good tonight, beautiful moves, just cute as a button. Scored a well deserved 27.

Mark Dacascos (Def Chef)

Danced the Paso Doble. Hot red outfits. Fiery hot dance. Much improved. He looked very good, very crisp moves and (in the words of the cranky old judge) showed the three P's- passion, power and performance. Solid 26.

Donny Osmond (Tango Shmango)

Good job, but in my opinion not as good as the other Argentine Tangos tonight. Did well with the intensity of the dance, and didn't make any missteps... His partners outfit was SMOKING. His choreography wasn't as difficult as the other stars that did this dance tonight. The judges loved him though and scored him a 29 (very kind of them)

Louie Vito (Dancing Snowblind)

Bless his heart, I think he really wants to do well- or at least impress his hottie partner enough to keep her happy. Not the best Tango tonight, but he's improved a lot. Probably takes a lot of concentration to keep the erection in check. Scored a generous 22.

Melissa Joan Hart (Tragic Magic)

Danced the Tango- seemed a little off tonight. Not bad, but looked like she stumbled a few times and didn't look as polished as she should have been. Partner seemed to be doing more of the work on this one. Scored a 23.

Kelly Osbourne (Miss Brownstone)

The Paso Doble danced to daddy's 'Crazy Train'. The music didn't fit the dance, but she did a good job. Not great, but it worked. Ozzy & Sharon in attendance again tonight. Judges were in a good mood and gave her a 28.

Joanna Krupa (teh hotness)

Her partner was out with the flu, so she danced with a big hairy Russian guy. Danced the Tango- did a great job, other than one small stumble. The judges were pretty rough on her for the one mistake, I thought. Great outfit. Good intensity and kicks. Scored a disappointing 24.

texasaurus 2009-10-20 21:05

Week 5 Elimination Show
Lots of Michael Jackson stuff. Good show. Nora Roberts did a couple of numbers, great performance.. They even let LaToya Jackson do a little intro to one of the MJ tribute dancing numbers (speaking, not singing or dancing)

Shocker elimination! Came down to Aaron Carter and Natalie Coughlin, which was very surprising as both have been very good. I guess the votes just weren't there-

Natalie Coughlin (the Olympic swimmer) was eliminated. First Olympiad to EVER lose the show. SHOCK!

texasaurus 2009-10-26 14:15

OK, I was totally taken off guard by Natalie Coughlin getting voted off the show, but I think what this means is that the fan voting is playing a much bigger part this season than the judges scores. This means we may have to keep watching the Michael Irvin and Louis Vito crap all over the dance floor for a while. Hard to say among those who are left on the show would have the most supporters (votes), regardless of their actual dancing skills.

I'm sure everyone left on the show has some supporters out there, but it's hard to judge who has the most fans likely to vote- the snowboarder or the iron chef? And are sympathies votes way up this time? If so, then Kelly Osbourne may have a shot, even if undeserved.

And in other news, Joanna Krupa is going to be on the December cover of Playboy.

Show starts at 7 CST.

texasaurus 2009-10-26 21:10

Week Six!
Jitterbug, Waltz, and Mambo group dance tonight. The Mambo was at the end of the show, and Joanna Krupa took first place, Mya second, and Aaron Carter third. They got points based on how long they lasted.

Tomorrow is going to be a double elimination.

Mya (On Fya)

Mya danced the Jitterbug. Very bouncy and energetic tonight. Cute outfit. Very good timing. The judges complained that she could of done a little more. I think she was spot on. Scored a 24 out of 30.

Mellisa Joan Hart

Rough night for the teenage witch. Danced the waltz, but looked uncomfortable, like she was trying to remember the steps. The judges didn't have much nice to say, and neither do I. By the 6th week she should be a lot more polished. Scored 20.

Mark Dacascos (Roast Host)

Mark danced the jitterbug- very well. Energetic attitude, great moves. Dude is REALLY in good shape and put in a very athletic performance. Scored 26.

Aaron Carter (Top Pop)

Danced the waltz, to Lionel Richie's "Once, Twice, Three times a Lady". Another one of those performances that I wanted to hate, but honestly he did a great job. Best of his dances so far. Scored 25.

Michael Irvin (Receiver Deceiver)

Danced the waltz. Not great, but he's shown a lot of improvement. The judges thought he had charm (I agree), but not the best moves. Scored 20.

Kelly Osbourne (Tattoo Ewe)

Jitterbug for the Kelly tonight. Not bad, but a little slow compared to the Iron Chefs. Took a misstep at one point, but overall bouncy and fun. Scored 20.

Louie Vito (Snow Beau)

Still looks kinda stiff in his performance, parts were good- and he was very energetic with his jitterbug. Did a couple of those snowboarder moves which fits the dance, but he's just not great. Scored 21.

Joanna Krupa (Flexy Sexy)

Very beautiful waltz. Great outfit. Best waltz of the night, so far. She'd stumbled a bit last week, but made up for it tonight. One of the judges said it was like watching a butterfly, which is a pretty good description of her performance. Scored 26.

Donny Osmond (Crowd Laud)

Donny owned the audience, if not the jitterbug. Very entertaining, but he made a misstep or two. Silliest outfits of the night, a choo-choo train theme. Lot's of energy, I thought one of his partners boob implants might put one of his eye's out a couple of times. Scored 24.

texasaurus 2009-10-27 10:12

Current Totals (Judges Scores) Counting Points for Mambo Competition:
They got additional points for the Mambo, and the last three on the dance floor all did a remarkable job. Fun to watch, and a little dirty- but in a good way.

Tonight it's double elimination, my prediction is that Michael Irvin and Mellissa Joan Hart get the boot.

Point total results, factoring in bonus Mambo Points

1st Out: Michael Irvin and Anna: 2+20=22
2nd Out: Louie Vito and Chelsie: 3+21=24
3rd Out: Melissa Joan Hart and Mark: 4+20=24
4th Out: Kelly Osbourne and Louis: 5+20=25
5th Out: Mark Dacascos and Lacey: 6+26=32
6th Out: Donny Osmond and Kym: 7+24=31
7th Out: Aaron Cater and Karina: 8+25=33
8th Out: Mya and Dmitry: 9+24=33
WINNERS: Joanna Krupa and Derek: 10+26=36

texasaurus 2009-10-27 21:05

Week 6 Elimination Show
Pretty good show. Taylor Swift performed- meh. She sang that 'Juliet' song and some other one. They also had a Cuban group 'Tiempo Libre' perform- they were really good. The number the professional dancers did during the Tiempo Libre song was hot.

The bottom three turned out to be Mellisa Joan Hart, Michael Irvin, and Louie Vito.

Mellisa Joan Hart was eliminated outright, with the lowest combined votes and judges score.

Michael Irvin and Louie Vito did a dance off to see who else would be going home, based on judges decisions only. Michael Irvin's Samba was crap, but he has loosened up. Louie Vito's Jive was also crap, he stumbled and lost his steps at least twice.

Ultimately, the judges decided that Louie Vito was going home.. goodbye snowboard boy.

texasaurus 2009-11-02 22:06

Week Seven
Pretty far along in the show now. Another double elimination tomorrow night. Down to the final seven and the scoring is getting harder.

Rod Stewart is going to be on tomorrow nights show, BTW.

Michael Irvin (Cowpoker)

He's improved, but I honestly think this might be the week for him to go. His Foxtrot was hard to watch. The judges liked him tonight and graciously gave him a 23.

Donny Osmond (Toothy Grinner)

Made a few mistakes- not really too noticable, but the judges did not like it and let him know. Maybe it's just me, but his "always on, always cheerful" routine is wearing thin. Crowd still loves him, Scored 24.

Mark Dacascos (Souper)

Had to dance with a replacement dancer, his was sick this week. I think the choreography suffered. Bad night for the Iron chef. Not bad overall, but not up to par for this far along in the show. Only scored 19.

Mya (Foxytrotter)

Fantastic outfit. Very well choreographed foxtrot. Very glamorous- good timing, beautiful to watch. The old fart judge didn't like parts of the dance, but the other two (the ones with sense) loved it. Scored 25. (deserved better)

Aaron Carter (Rock it, boy)

Danced to Dee Snider's "We're not gonna take it" Yeah, seriously. Supposed to be a Jive, but just looked like a big fast blur of aerobic jumping and steps.. Judges loved it though. High energy, fast, furious and clean Scored 29. Highest of the season so far.

Kelly Osbourne (Cry, Baby)

Salsa tonight for Kelly. Looked restrained, I don't think she has the energy to do a salsa right. Had a few good moves and technically made the all the right steps, but overall disappointing. She has noticeably gotten in better shape over the course of the show, BTW. Judges were kind and gave her a 24.

Joanna Krupa (2 Hot for Words)

Rumba. Very hot. VERY. One stumble. Beautiful outfit. Great choreography. Scored 28

Group dances were also performed. To teams, Three couples on one side, four on the other. First group up was Aaron, Mya, Michael and Mark. Danced the Paso Doble- bull fighter dance. Interesting.. very macho. Mya did the best of the group. Scored 24, as a group. Second group was Kelly, Donny and Joanna. Danced the Tango. Well choreographed, Good timing. Much better than the other group. Scored 28.

texasaurus 2009-11-03 14:36


Originally Posted by PFC (Post 3643)
You're gay.

Yes, I have it set to DVR for you, sweety. ;)

texasaurus 2009-11-04 8:17

Week 7 Elimination Show
R.I.P. Michael Irvin (It's about damn time) & Mark Dacascos (too bad..)

Only 5 Stars left!

texasaurus 2009-11-09 7:39

Week 8 Pre-game
The Final 5:

Joanna Krupa, Aaron Carter, Donny Osmond, Mya, and Kelly Osbourne.

My prediction is that it's time for Kelly Osbourne to pack it in this week. Hard to rank the others- Joanna, Donny and Mya have been consistently good, Aaron has improved over the course of the show. If I had to guess, I'd probably go with a close run between Joanna and Mya, but with the fans voting counting so much, Donny or Aaron could give them a run.

BTW, Susan Boyle is going to be a guest on the show this week...

from the internets:

Sharon Osbourne-Susan Boyle Controversy

Susan Boyle is set to sing on a show called Dancing with the Stars this week.

Aside from the obvious disconnect in that development, something else is amiss here, since Kelly Osbourne is one of the five remaining contestants on Dancing with the Stars, and her not-so-tactful mother recently said something absolutely harsh about the Britain's Got Talent runner-up that included Gillette razors and God.

Boyle, whose phenomenal shot to fame was marked with hospitalizations and such, broke into global consciousness when she sang I Dreamed a Dream on April this year. She is set to appear on Dancing with the Stars to promote her upcoming CD, I Dreamed a Dream, which hits stores on November 24.

Osbourne, meanwhile, is a judge on America's Got Talent. She recently said on the The Opie & Anthony Show that while Boyle is certainly talented, she didn't exactly fare well in the looks department, not remotely (pardon the asterisk-laden passage, by the way).

"There's this great picture of Susan Boyle, smiling, looking like a slapped a** next to Ozzy. I like everybody to do well, even someone that looks like a slapped a**. It's like, God bless her. You go girl. She does look like a hairy a**hole. She is a lovely lady. You just want to say, 'God Bless and here's a Gillette razor.' He hit her with the f**king ugly stick."

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