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b0rg9 2012-01-29 8:31

Brother Heumann
I just got this email from my dear friend and radio theater historian, Richard Fish. This is some funny stuff and certainly beats the pants off of any traditional sunday morning sermon. :nod:

The inter-net has advanced from a trawl to a purse-seine, and at last I have found one of my favorite radio shows from the 1970s:

The Brother Heumann Hour. (15:00)

-- from The Church of the Co-incidental Metaphor, allegedly located in Gethsemane, Arizona.

WARNING: May not be suitable for deeply religious people with no sense of humor: has been known to cause apopleyxy and mogo on the go-go-go.

You find it by doing a search for "Brother Heumann" -- one link is:

In the 1970s, Radio XEG-AM was a "border blaster," broadcasting from Mexico, just over the border, at a power far beyond what the FCC allows US stations. It was heard from Alaska to Tiera del Fuego. XEG sold time in 15-minute blocks for $25 in US Dollars, and almost all of the blocks were bought by radio preachers. All preachin' and singin' hymns and askin' for your prayers and beggin' for your money, a new one every fifteen minutes, pretty much twenty-four-seven.

Jim Wassenich, Mike Archenhold, and a group of hippies in Austin, Texas rented a post office box and started producing their own 15-minute program for XEG, and this is it. Heard low, in the background, it sounds exactly like all those other preachin' shows -- but they take it so far outside it's totally lost in space. There is definitely some Firesign Theatre influence at work!

Back in 1975, I visited my friends Rob & Nina Garvey in Austin and found out about it then, but hadn't heard it for decades until today.
The BHH files are audio, but there is one video, THE CHRISTIAN SPORTSMAN, where Brother Heumann and Rev. Tommy Utt go hunting with Jesus:



Brother Heumann's Holy Roller Coaster. Hunting with Jesus -- awesome. :thumbsup:

NocturnalGuy 2012-01-30 9:16


RepoMan 2012-01-30 9:58

I love the video... with no instant distribution like youtube, these guys knew their efforts were probably just going to be seen or heard by a relative handful of people yet they did it anyway. Same with the radio shows.

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