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Gear Jammer 2011-01-13 7:54

Anyone know somfin about liens & insurance law?
My RAV4 will officially be paid off on Friday, but I likely won't get the lien release until the 28th. I want to get a new Ford Fiesta next week, drop the RAV4 to liability only, and have the Fiesta full coverage. With the RAV4 no longer having a lien against it I know I can do that, but can I do that before I actually have the lien release in hand?

Chuck 2011-01-13 9:57

Maybe, I ran into this and my agent was able to get the bank to fax over a letter saying the vehicle was paid in full and full coverage was not necessary. So I guess it depends on insurance agent and the bank or loan company.

Gear Jammer 2011-01-13 10:25

Thanks Chuck, kinda figured it'd be something like that. On pretty good terms with my insurance co., never cost 'em a penny, and given 'em $10's of thousands in premiums over the years...hopefully they, and Toyota financial, who I should be on very good terms with as well, having never been anywhere near late on a payment to, through 2 purchases, will play nice nice next week. If not, a week or 2 of full coverage on both won't break the bank.

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