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kokopelli 2010-08-19 19:44

Favorite Photoshops
As we move towards having contests again, I thought I'd start a thread where folks could post one (or lots) of their favorite photoshops from the past. It could be from here, a different site, or maybe one that you just did for some other reason. Giving a bit of background on the image would also be groovy. I was digging around through some old stuff, and found a silly one that I always liked.

This goes back to Fark, probably around 2003. The original image for the contest was this:

Until right before the contest, I had the proverbial "nuthin'." Like sometimes happens with contest entries, somehow my brain went into a mode that I don't understand, and I remembered an iconic album cover that might just work. I used to periodically work album covers into contest entries. Anyhoo, here it is:

Put it all together, and what do you get?

My only regret was that I didn't make it larger. I think I did find the Dylan cover in 800x800, but since the source image was a bit small, it could be that I got some artifacts and went against it. I probably could have at least gone with a 600x600 instead of the 400x400, but time was short, so I guess I just went with the 400x400 one. Either way, I still look at it and it kind of cracks me up, which was the whole point.

What y'all got?

b0rg9 2010-08-19 20:45

Original and photoshop... first really proud photoshop moment (from Fark 2003)

davet 2010-08-20 7:43

I entered that Cookie Monster contest too! (It was in 2003, as I recall.)

Create a screenshot for a new video game:

Create a Monopoly card:

Chuck 2010-08-20 7:48

Love seeing some of the old Fark stuff, I don't have a single one around to share anymore. Never really thought any were worthy of saving. Hope to see more from some of you.

texasaurus 2010-08-20 8:20

I wish my stuff wasn't scattered on 4 or 5 old computers, here's some stuff from the flick'r share..

JangoFett 2010-08-20 8:56

Some of my favorites:
romance-hr by jangofett1138, on Flickr
TKYO by jangofett1138, on Flickr
dean by jangofett1138, on Flickr

Alligator 2010-08-20 9:43

Another Dean!

This is one I made for Freaking News.

I actually put duct tape over my own mouth, photographed myself, then cut and pasted the duct tape onto Mr. Dean.

More Favorites

Ved 2010-08-20 9:57

I had quite a few "can't find a picture of a source image, so take it myself" shops on Fark in '02. Wish I could get to them now, but they're packed away on a backup dvd at home somewhere.

RepoMan 2010-08-20 10:53

Some oldies:

The holy grail of smoking guns:


If every business was run like a fast food joint:

Some safety manual:

Movie mashups:

Some Farkers waterskiing pic:

Movie scenes that ended up on cutting room floor for good reason:

Combine elements from two eras (Mecha):
Li'l "Alba"tross by RepoMan84, on Flickr

Movie Time Warp (Mecha):
The Matrix (1927) by RepoMan84, on Flickr

texasaurus 2010-08-20 12:41

found a couple more


Fark Days

this was for PFCs mom... her dog Faye. Had it printed up nice for her..



Chuck 2010-08-20 12:46

Not a funny one but I did this for W1k, the theme was take something from war and make it something to represent peace. So Faberge egg/grenade I think why I like it is a few people asked if it were real.

Domestic Goddess 2010-08-20 13:55

Alrighty, I'll play.

Literal translations:

Sistine Chapel:

Famous people mashup (Gene and Jean):

And two that I didn't do, but they are ten kinds of awesome so here you go:

kokopelli 2010-08-20 20:12


Originally Posted by Ved (Post 18557)
I had quite a few "can't find a picture of a source image, so take it myself" shops on Fark in '02. Wish I could get to them now, but they're packed away on a backup dvd at home somewhere.

This look familiar? :smile2:

Peaceboy 2010-08-21 1:57

So... earlier today I had a post all ready to go and spent many minutes coding a bunch of crap and links and all and then somehow I clicked off the tab and it was all gone and FUCKING FUCK FUCK MOTHERFUCK FUCK!!!! Or something along those lines.

I'll have to re-do it all later.

But part of it was about that 'shop that Koko just posted, and referencing Ved's comment about "take it myself". I remember the night he went to the grocery store to look for some meat, and no, not as dirty as that sounds, but we were on AIM and he was working on a Fark contest and he went to spectacular lengths to obtain his own source image. This was probably '02 or '03 or so, but the memory stays with me still. That was commitment. That was dedication to the craft. I bring this up because it was just two or three nights ago I was conveying this very story to Peacegirl as I was explaining Mechapixel to her and all my pals here and our histories together. It's almost a whole fucking decade now. God damn.

Also, I'm drunk.

davet 2010-08-21 6:09

Repo's Python-related TSG entry reminded me that I did one like that too:

kokopelli 2010-08-21 8:44

The Ground Jar-Jar is Ved's, and a close look at the packaging appears to have a 2002 date.

Twiggy 2010-08-21 12:35

We already have a thread-full of my photoshops on this website. :nod:

though I guess my favourites include:

Chuck that grenade thing is pretty awesome.

fray 2010-08-22 0:27


Originally Posted by Domestic Goddess (Post 18567)

And we get our first photobucket violation! Wooo!

texasaurus 2010-08-22 6:38

twig, the barb wire guitar 'shop was my desktop at work for months..

Twiggy 2010-08-22 14:52

Awesome, tex. :smile:

stacyrings 2010-08-24 19:01

This was from Fark and I think my first win. Theme: gnomes doing unwanted jobs.
mowinggnome by stacyrings, on Flickr

From MP. Optical Illusions, I think.
facevasecow by stacyrings, on Flickr
extratoes by stacyrings, on Flickr

From MP. Movie titles or something like that.
killamockingbird by stacyrings, on Flickr

texasaurus 2010-08-25 5:26

Awesome, everbody.

akaMonty 2010-08-25 7:26

Some work from the FARK days
Theme: Episode I and II characters in Episode IV fashions.
Photoshop children's TV characters somewhere they should not be.
Photoshop the pinched Da Vinci
Photoshop Rumsfeld giving a speech, smiling and pointing a finger

stacyrings 2010-08-25 8:02 watertowine by stacyrings, on Flickr statuewoman by stacyrings, on Flickr blingblingchurchill3 by stacyrings, on Flickr zipeye by stacyrings, on Flickr

Domestic Goddess 2010-08-27 10:12


Originally Posted by fray (Post 18658)
And we get our first photobucket violation! Wooo!

Fargging Wankers.

Gear Jammer 2010-08-27 10:20

Lotta awesome old school memories in this thread, keep meaning to scan through my old Fark, Mechapixel, and W1K folders when I'm on the desktop for work in the evening, and keep forgetting to do so.

method 2010-08-27 13:34

I have no idea where most of my old farkoshops are, but here are a few bits and pieces I have up on my website that I still enjoy:


Chuck 2010-08-28 13:14

I liked this one a lot, not perfect but decent.

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