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RepoMan 2009-07-28 8:27

Modern Warfare 2

Oh my.

ash# 2009-07-28 10:04

That looks all crappy.

ash# 2009-10-05 8:10

Saw a trailer for this yesterday... holy crap does this look awesome.

RepoMan 2009-11-05 9:04

Launch trailer:

Could do without Eminem... but wow.

ash# 2009-11-06 12:42

Holy crap. So much for the whole "wait until christmas" thing.

ash# 2009-11-09 12:34

This game looks freaking awesome. Controversy? whatever.

RepoMan 2009-11-10 9:10

I believe South Park has addressed this.


Fag (făg) n. 1. An extremely annoying, inconsiderate
person most commonly associated with Harley riders.
2. A person who owns or frequently rides a Harley.
Grenade spammers fall under number 1.

ash# 2009-11-10 9:20

Review up at IGN

Not surprisingly it got a 9.5

Pretty disappointed that the campaign is only 5 hours long though. WTF? They actually made it SHORTER than COD4? I understand that there is the spec ops mode and a full multiplayer mode, but come on... 5 hours?

RepoMan 2009-11-10 9:36

5 hours is pretty short, but that is on normal of course. And it sounds like they addressed at least some of the aspects that makes playing on the higher difficulties annoying, like infinitely spawning enemies (and hopefully the grenade spamming). That said, I'm not sure I'll start right off on Veteran even if it does add a couple hours of campaign play.

JangoFett 2009-11-11 9:11

I was fortunate to find this at the local video store for rent. The single player is short; on regular difficulty, my game clocked in at 5hr 15min. The single player isn't bad, in fact multiple times throughout the game I was pretty blown away by the graphics and over-the-top sheer awesomeness of the events taking place. I had one of those moments like in the beginning of BioShock when I realized that "Wait...this isn't a cutscene?"

There are some plot holes (including one big one at the end), but the overall experience was great. If they made it longer, it would have just felt drawn out and lost some of the adrenaline rush.

RepoMan 2009-11-12 10:02

Special Ops is tons of fun.

JangoFett 2009-11-17 9:01

I ended up buying MW2 to keep playing the multiplayer. I've played a lot of free-for-all lately, and I totally enjoy the multiplayer system. Here's why MW2 kicks Halo's ass:

1) Deathstreaks - Getting pwned by level 60's? Don't worry, after a few deaths you'll activate your deathstreak. This will give you bonus health or various other perks to even the playing field.

2) Weapon challenges - Can't win a game? No problem, just keep playing and unlock new attachments for your weapons. Completeing some challenges earns you XP, so your level isn't solely based on winning games.

3) Losing rank - You don't lose rank like in Halo.

4) Perks - Customize your play style. Use accuracy, bullet penetration, and radar invisibility perks to create a great sniper.

One of my custom classes is called "Speedy Gonzalez". It's based on pure speed, using Marathon (infinite sprint) + Lightweight (Move Faster) + Commando Pro (longer knife melee range).

This creates a character that I use to run around large maps and knifing everyone I find. This is particularly effective on Estate, where most people tend to hide in the buildings and snipe. By moving quickly and serpentining, I can avoid most sniper fire. By the time the sniper realizes that they should switch to their other weapon, I've already planted my knife in their stomach.

ash# 2009-11-17 9:08

I really like that they put something in to even the playing field somewhat with the generals. My main concern about getting this game a few weeks after everyone else was that by the time I am online with it everyone is going to be level 200 with a gun that shoots 4000 bullets in a half a second and auto aimlocks on me because they have unlocked and maxed out everything and every time the game starts i die immediately without ever seeing a person. I don't like that.

RepoMan 2009-11-18 9:07

Random thoughts:

I just opened up the weapons challenges last night and it's already just as addictive as it was in the previous games. I really enjoy working on upgrading the weapons and opening new ones, even if I'm not doing all that great in the match.

Domination is still my favorite mode so far.

I like your Speedy Gonzalez class... sounds like a great idea.

I'm currently level four and everyone in my matches last night was 40 and above, yet I didn't feel like I was getting crushed.

I also like, compared to Halo, that it's not all that hard to kill somebody. Sure, that works both ways, but still, if you see an enemy and get a bead on him, chances are you're going to kill him as opposed to Halo where more often than not it feels like you're unloading all your ammo and still not killing the guy.

It's oh-so-satisfying to get the message that you ended a guy's streak and saved the team from whatever hell he was about to rain down.

ash# 2009-11-18 11:15

I feel like I am cheating on Halo for reading this.

JangoFett 2009-11-19 8:53

I wish you could see (and save) the killcams of your victims. The other night I was playing Free-for-all on Afghan. I ran into one of the pillboxes and I heard a flash grenade hit the floor. I had just enough time to turn around a put my back into a corner before it went off. I was completely blind, but I kept spamming the knife button and to my utter amazement I got a kill.

The best part: after a 4-second delay I heard "That's fucking bullshit!"

RepoMan 2009-11-19 9:02

That'd be a great feature. I love the kill-cam whiners. It's right there in full color replay yet it's still "fucking bullshit."

ash# 2009-11-19 9:52

hehe, how often have I said in Halo after getting killed ... "thats fucking bullshit"

JangoFett 2009-11-30 20:38

Penny Arcade discussing "Witches", which are a Modern Warfare class build that is identical to my Speedy Gonzalez class.

RepoMan 2009-12-01 8:46

I assume by "teleport" they mean the guy seemingly shows up out of nowhere.

Perhaps the perks should be tweaked so that they're like Halo fast zombies. Fast, but very susceptible to damage. It'd make sense that to be able to run fast you'd have less armor.

ash# 2009-12-01 8:51

Yea that guy complaining about the fast dudes is the guy who lies on top of a building with a sniper rifle and never moves in a whole match. Oh someone found a way to get a kill on you. Sorry I left my tissues out in the car.

JangoFett 2009-12-01 9:11

I've modified the "Speedy Gonzalez" class after reading some good idea online. The new build is:

Mini Uzi (With Rapid Fire), Spas-12 (Silenced), Semtex, Flash
Marathon, Lightweight, Ninja
UAV (3), Care package (4), Sentry (5)

I sacrifice any long-range kills for speed and stealth. The Mini Uzi is a good midrange weapon when combined with the speed to close in on your target. Ninja makes my footsteps silent, so it's very easy to chase down an enemy and pump a silenced shotgun round into their back.

My current Domination build is:

AUG HBAR (Grip, Holographic Sight), Ranger [sawed-off shotty] (duals), C-4, Stun
Bling, Hardline, Ninja
UAV (2), Predator (4), AC130 (9)

Game plan is to toss a C-4 near a flag and camp nearby. When I hear the "We're losing A", I pop the c-4 (usually getting 1-3 kills). Then I just camp the site, moving positions after each kill. I did this on Karachi (covering A) and went 15-1. It's highly entertaining to kill an attacker, switch positions, and then see the same guy run in and make a bee-line for where you were before. I like to imagine that he's thinking "WTF?" as I run up and knife him from behind.

ash# 2009-12-01 10:08

Dude you are way better at this game than me.

I use UAV, Predator and Airstrike. I never get to 9 kills. But Usually when I get the predator, I get the extra kill from that strike to get me the Airstrike.

Edit: That is a great idea putting the C4 on the flag though...

RepoMan 2009-12-03 11:12

ash# 2009-12-03 12:37

I dont get it. What are they doing?

RepoMan 2009-12-03 14:28

Basically while carrying a launcher you hold your primary grenade button, then press weapon switch while doing so. Let go, then when you get killed you blow up in a big enough explosion to take out people around you. Apparently. So if you kill a guy and he explodes big time, that's what he's doing.

RepoMan 2009-12-03 15:13


ash# 2009-12-04 15:48

Bahahahahahaa... fucking double shotgun dude. Agreed. (although you bet your ass when I unlock that shotgun, I am equipping it)

ash# 2009-12-06 20:41

Now that I am finally starting to not suck royally in EVERY match, I am really starting to get into multiplayer. I agree that overall, it is less frustrating than Halo, although I do like the greater variety of gametypes that Halo multiplayer offers(Living Dead Playlist I am looking in your direction). The amount of unlockables in MW2 blows Halo away though, and it is much more effective at giving noobs and lower ranked players a shot at getting some good kills.

What this game painfully needs is a halo style theater system. Bigtime. And online stat tracking like Halo. The Bungie stat tracking system gives Halo multiplayer games the kind of permanence that you don't really get with the MW2 matches. I love being able to revisit matches and look to see who the annoying douchebag was and how I did in a match.

Anyhow, I have probably 30-40 hours into this game across all game modes, and I still feel like I have a TON to do in each mode, campaign, spec ops and multiplayer. I can easily see this game sticking around for months. I guess the real test will be if we keep picking it up and playing multiplayer in a year or two like we used to do with Halo.

Edit: Those javelin glitch dudes were fucking annoying as shit last night. Fuckwads.

RepoMan 2009-12-07 15:25

Agreed, multiplayer replay and online stats are sorely needed. It's too bad that so far Bungie is really the only developer to accomplish those so successfully. It's probably a large part of why we keep playing Halo.

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