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Chuck 2011-02-18 7:47

Has it come to this?
This is disgusting to me and hopefully to most of you.
Firefighter refused call to Tucson shooting spree scene

texasaurus 2011-02-18 8:19

that's messed up

Gear Jammer 2011-02-18 8:34

Bizarre, the guy voted for Gabrielle Giffords, seems to have a high opinion of her, yet refused to go on the call. Also prior to this he had, all but a minor backing into an object incident, a spotless 28 year record with the department. While it would seem from the details in the article, that his inaction really wasn't a cause of lost life in this incident, as they were to be dispatched only as a support department, after the most seriously injured had already been transported, disciplinary action definitely would have been called for, if he'd not decided to retire.

ash# 2011-02-18 14:57

Yea this does seem pretty bizarre to me. Any firefighter that refuses a call for any reason probably shouldn't be a firefighter anymore.

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