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Twiggy 2011-01-07 16:12

website you say?
So I've decided it's just not adequate to send potential clients to my messy, post-everything-I-make "Mechatwiggy" flickr account anymore and so I made this: I'd like to know what any of you think of it comments/suggestions/ideas/complaints anything. And I'd like get your opinions on whether or not I should add a blog-like page as well. I'm torn because on one hand, I think it makes it seem a little bit less like a professional portfolio website and more like a ... um... blog. haha. But on the other hand, it's probably a good way to keep people coming back to my website if they like my stuff. I really dunno. What do you guys think about that? Perhaps I could make a page and not have that shown in the navbar so it's a little bit separated from the rest of the site and they would likely only know about it if I specifically told them about it?

Anyway, I'd really appreciate any of your feedback because it's the first time I've ever designed a site I'm actually using haha. :smile:



RepoMan 2011-01-07 16:29

Nice work!

How about instead of a blog, you post something new (illustration, photo) on a set schedule? Maybe with a blurb explaining the what/why/how of it?

Dinahmoehum 2011-01-07 16:38

I think you should go with a real website rather than blog. You can have new stuff as well as an archive of older work. I also think you should kick flash in the nuts, you know, just because.

I can tell ya, most sites piss me off, especially blogs that hyperlink everything back to itself. I hate flickr with a passion. Our paper is a good one, the picture section is a kick to the nuts. No pic opens larger than thumbnail like 500px with a huge watermark on it. You can't open in new window so you can keep browsing and go back and look after the pic had loaded. Anyway, what I'm basically saying, is think of the user I guess.

Twiggy 2011-01-08 11:15

Thanks Repo. Yeah I think that's probably a good alternative. It seems like it would accomplish essentially what I wanted the blog to do while not attaching that 'blog' stigma (is that the right word?) to my website. I also wouldn't have to deal with any stupid comments or having it say "0 responses" below half my images which would make it seem pretty lame haha.

Dinah yeah a real website is more of what I'm trying to make here. No flash?! But I wanted to have an unskippable, site-slowing, bandwidth-eating 15 minute flash intro with all sorts of gradients and transparencies and such! I'll keep in mind to think of the user. My portfolio images open up up to 1024px wide in the lightbox thing and can also be opened up in a new window or tab.

Alligator 2011-01-08 13:34

Very nice. I also prefer going with the website version. I really like your portfolio application. I looked at your source code and see dragndropbuilder, but was unable to find out more as it appears it may be an offering by your website host. I wouldn't mind using it for my website, rather than the slideshow I currently have.

Domestic Goddess 2011-01-08 21:09

Yeah, blogs are SO LAST WEEK.


Anyways, it could be a photoblog of sorts, kinda like what Repo suggested. Just post somethign on a fairly regular schedule, you know?

Oh, and nice work!

Twiggy 2011-01-08 22:04

Alligator: try modding this a little bit to suit your fancy.

Thanks DG.. it was mostly drag'ndrop with some tweaking in dreamweaver and I uploaded a significanly less ugly header image haha.

Dinahmoehum 2011-01-08 23:32

Know what I love about gallery and other open source webware??? When it updates and wipes out all the stuff you modded! I freakin love that!

Lookin right at you OScommerce!

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