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NocturnalGuy 2017-08-15 19:26

Not gonna post this on FB.
Just had to get some stuff out.

So President Trump has doubled down on his “blame on many sides” position. In fact, he’s gone one step further to say that there were “fine people on both sides”. I have some thoughts on that.

Most white people don’t like to be called racist. Even that young guy whose picture became the face of the torch-wielding “white nationalists” at the Charlottesville rally took offence at being called one. Let’s take a minute and tease apart a couple of ideas here.

There are white people who are straight up racist. They believe that “whites” are inherently superior to other “races” (even though scientifically there really is no basis for racial distinctions, but that’s a whole other minefield I don’t want to tread into here). They are often very vocal about their beliefs, and seem to take pleasure in the distress that they cause by expressing them. These are the real extremists, the fringe element that wears swastikas and incites violence, and whose continued existence in America is hard to comprehend. Some of these people are basically disaffected shit-disturbers, and some are genuinely more evil-minded, like the guy who murdered that girl with his car. I generally don’t like to think of people as good or bad, but there is no one in this group who I would consider a “fine person”.

Then there is a huge contingent of white Americans who believe, or at least profess to believe, that the races are in fact equal, that no race really gets treated any differently by society, and that people of colour should just get over it and stop complaining. This group includes people who say, “white lives matter”, “blue Iives matter”, “slavery was a long time ago”, “affirmative action policies are racist”, and even the dreaded, “I don’t see colour”. If this is you, I have bad news for you… you are helping to perpetuate a racist society by denying that it exists. You may not see it, or choose not to see it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real. When more left-leaning people talk about “racists”, they’re probably including you, because you’re sometimes very hard to distinguish from “real” racists. A lot of you voted for Trump, and I’m sure it is your kind to whom he was referring as “fine people”.

The thing is, this second group needs to stop defending and legitimizing the first group. I’ve seen many posts today about how the Antifa protesters are just as guilty as the Nazis because they also showed up with weapons, ready to fight. They showed up ready to fight THE PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE WHITES ARE SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHER RACES. Who, by the way, were fully expecting and indeed hoping for violence. The issue here shouldn’t be the violence that inevitably ensued and whose fault it was; it should be the fact that THERE WERE NAZIS MARCHING IN AMERICA. Yes, they have the right to do so. But the fact that they have the right does not change the fact that they are WRONG. White supremacy is a bankrupt ideology and has no place in the modern world. The “unite the right” rally attenders were spreading hate; the protesters were fighting hate. To draw a false equivalency between the two is irresponsible, immoral and just plain wrong.

ash# 2017-08-16 7:01

Exactly right. Especially the parts about the people who "don't see race or color". Nice try. You actually cant see those things because of all of the fucking wool you have pulled over your own eyes.

b0rg9 2017-08-16 8:06

I'm ashamed to say my parents fall into the second category to an extent.

I mean, they are so socially liberal otherwise. Cool with gay marriage, cool with weed, fine with pro-choice, etc. etc. on any social wedge issue.

But then I talk to my mom yesterday who was enjoying a re-visit to Wildwood after many many years. "These foreigners that run these stores who don't even speak English!". Yeah, I kinda get it, but I give that much more of a pass then they do. I don't take offense. For some like my folks it's just the way they were raised. Shit, I was raised that way. So much to do about "the other" growing up. From our Jewish neighbors to the n*ggers downtown always killing each other.

I actually have to resign myself that I am probably forever prejudiced. That is, I come at things with pre-judged views. I try to get past it. However, I'm far from racist. Thankfully, the late sixties/early seventies had some great parochial school teachers that were actively influencing young minds like mine that that shit was dead and fodder for the dustbin of history.

ash# 2017-08-16 8:19

Oh my parents are DEFINITELY in the second category. They pretty much eat up the Foxnews talking points word for word now. There was a time that they had independent thoughts, but that time has past. We used to joke about how racist my grandparents were(on both sides) because they were raised in a different time... but my parents have pretty much turned into that. Not sure how or why that happened. They were always republican, but they used to be reasonable. But as republicans typically do, they have have told themselves for generations that the media is biased, so once they got their own media and started watching that exclusively, they got stuck in that echo chamber unable to see anything else. Makes me kind of sad, because they are smart people. Wait, apparently I know exactly how and why. :sad:

RepoMan 2017-08-16 8:50

This group includes people who say, “white lives matter”, “blue Iives matter”, “slavery was a long time ago”, “affirmative action policies are racist”, and even the dreaded, “I don’t see colour”.

Those people bug me more than the white supremacists. The white power people are a lost cause and a tiny minority. The others are much more prevalent. Being in logistics in small town America, I'm pretty much surrounded by it all day. It's disheartening.

Wait, apparently I know exactly how and why.


"These foreigners that run these stores who don't even speak English!"

I get it, it makes people uncomfortable when they feel like they don't understand something, in this case what another person is saying. But what does it matter in a store? You pick something off a shelf, you hand someone money, they give you change. Or you put your card in a slot and don't have to say a word. It's not like they're using secret code to say mean things about you.

I think the world would be maybe a slightly better place if all the people who are irritated by foreign languages would just travel to a country where they don't speak the language and try to get by. You can get by. Unfortunately for that experiment, what they'd find is most countries around the world actually incorporate English and it's easy to find people who speak it. I work with people who won't even go to Philadelphia because it's so out of their tiny comfort zone.

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