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Domestic Goddess 2010-07-30 21:03

Mecha Pigskin? Mecha Pick 'em?
Anyone interested this year? Anyone? Bueller? I'm not so talented with this stuff but I think I can figure out how to start a league or somethin'.

AsMuch 2010-08-01 16:36

Count me in!

FulanoDeTal 2010-08-02 13:44

I'll do another pick'em. Those are simple enough for even me.

akaMonty 2010-08-03 8:24

Fruit and myself are in and I'm sure Mr. Jammer would be interested.

b0rg9 2010-08-04 3:24

Sure, I'm in.

Gear Jammer 2010-08-19 5:59

My Whimpering Foreskins would be up for a spirited game of Mechapigskin old chaps.

Edit: I was the commish for both last year, if you want, I could get them up,
and going with last years settings in a few mouse clicks DG.

Edit...Edit: Actually it looks like Monty was commish for the pigskin, and I the pickem last year.
Either way I could set them both up this year if you'd like.

Domestic Goddess 2010-08-19 20:11

Oh, pretty pretty please! I have no idea what I'm doing with this, though I know how to play along. You know, pick the jersey colors. Works for me sometimes,

Seriously, if you'd be so kind as to set them up, I'll be so kind as to join in the fun and come in last place again!

Gear Jammer 2010-08-20 4:53


Mechapigskin VI
Password = eightbit

Live draft is set for Friday Sept. 3rd at 9PM EDT.

Gear Jammer 2010-08-20 5:00

Mecha Pickem '10

Password = eightbit

Straight pickem, no spreads, but I did add something new that they've begun offering this year, the picks will continue through the playoffs.

akaMonty 2010-08-20 7:06

Thunder Chickens and the Purple Rage are back!

The live draft is the same night as a draft party so we may not be able to partake.

FulanoDeTal 2010-08-20 12:54

I'm in for the Pick'em. The Passive Aggressive Steves are going to make you feel guilty about beating them!

Just a note, the link took me to an error page saying I wasn't a member of that group. So I had to go to the main Fantasy page and pick Join a Group. Looking at the link I found the group ID# that they were asking for 25269, then the "eightbit" password worked and I was able to join.

JangoFett 2010-08-20 13:12

Bilbo T. Baggins has entered the Pick'em League.

Gear Jammer 2010-08-22 5:56


Originally Posted by akaMonty (Post 18539)
Thunder Chickens and the Purple Rage are back!

The live draft is the same night as a draft party so we may not be able to partake.

So far, it's looking like just the 3 of us are in, need at least one more to be a viable league. If we end up with just 4, I might just let it go auto draft, and we'll all end up with super dream teams. Scores of 250-240, and the like would be interesting.

b0rg9 2010-08-22 15:31

The Feral Pet Rocks are part of your landscaping and/or driveway.

AsMuch 2010-08-22 16:15

Frotteurism Frenzy is here for your scoring pleasure.

(Thanks to Koko for the inspiration)

Domestic Goddess 2010-08-23 7:49

DG the Potato Queen, at your service.

Domestic Goddess 2010-08-23 7:51

I'm getting an error to sign up for pick'em. What's the group number?

b0rg9 2010-08-23 9:41

Pick 'em #25269

Pigskin VI #520399

Gear Jammer 2010-08-24 4:52

:woot: We're up to 6 now in both FF, and Pick'em. Still room for 4 more in FF, and plenty more in pick'em.

With regards to the FF live draft, I know that the Thunder Chickens and the Purple Rage, have issues with the date, and time, is it good for all else? If we have any other conflicts, I may be able to adjust to another date. Perhaps Thurs the 2nd at 9pm.

akaMonty 2010-08-24 6:29

Thursday the 2nd is good for us if it'll work for everyone else.

Gear Jammer 2010-08-24 18:14

If anyone has any issues with Thurs the 2nd at 9pm EDT for the draft, please chime in by early tomorrow evening. If there are no issues expressed by then, I'm going to see if I can get us switched to then, so all can participate in the draft. The longer we wait to make such a change, the less likely the slot will be available.

Gear Jammer 2010-08-25 21:36

OK, I've changed our Live Draft to Thursday Sept. 2nd at 9pm EDT.
Hopefully this allows all currently entered to participate.

We currently have 6 teams. Still room for 4 more to join between now & then. Although I will probably lock it a day or so earlier, should we get to an even 8, to prevent an accidental odd # of teams at draft time.

akaMonty 2010-08-26 8:03

Sweet. Thanks!

Gear Jammer 2010-08-26 8:10


Originally Posted by akaMonty (Post 18946)
Sweet. Thanks!

My pleasure, don't want no excuses when I whoop yer ass again this year. :wink2:
Mmm, early trash talk'n, might I regret?

ash# 2010-08-26 8:30

I will get in on the FF league... don't close it out yet!

Gear Jammer 2010-08-26 8:34


Originally Posted by ash216 (Post 18953)
I will get in on the FF league... don't close it out yet!

No worries on closing it out before Tuesday, but you will make it 7 teams. We will need an eighth to even it out, if not 3 more to make a full 10.

Gear Jammer 2010-08-27 8:06

ash#'s, don't let the current lack of an 8th interested party prevent you from joining the competition. Should we end up with only 7, I will create an 8th team called "The Lovable Loosers" that'll, after the draft which for them will be auto, be set to field absolutely no players from week to week. With 7 real players, each player will face them twice during the 14 game season, giving no advantage to anyone, and giving everyone, what amounts to a pair of bye weeks during the season.

ash# 2010-08-27 8:37

Cool... I just didn't get around to it yet. Lot's going on since I just got back from vacation.

Gear Jammer 2010-08-27 8:59

Cool, was worried I might have put you off with my earlier post. No rush. Hopefully we'll get at least one other, if not three other interested parties over the next several days.

Edit: Also plenty of room in the pick'em league still. Have currently 6 competitors, room for 44 more. Come one, come all, WTH come on the wall.

stacyrings 2010-08-27 9:58

I'm in the pick...a.k.a Mrs. Picky McPickster

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