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Gear Jammer 2009-07-21 4:21

Torchwood: Children of Earth
DVR'd and am presently watching the first episode of the 5 part mini series airing on BBC America. Never had heard of the Torchwood series before, but apparently this is the 3rd season. From what I've seen in the first 30 minutes of the first episode of season 3, I'm gonna have to hunt down the first 2 some how. Pretty damn freaky. Kinda like throwing X-files, 24, and Twilight Zone into a blender, and setting to blend.

The 1st episode re-airs tonight at 8pm Eastern, then the 2nd immediately follows it. With the remaining 3 airing each night thereafter at 9pm.

RepoMan 2009-07-21 7:39

Yeah, I watched episode 2 last night... good stuff. Torchwood is a spinoff of Doctor Who (so when Capt. Jack says "the Doctor told me ________", that's who he's referring to). Torchwood was originally billed as a darker, sexier, and more serious take on the Doctor Who world, take that for what you will. The Torchwood team was larger by two in the earlier seasons. Stuff happened.

Gear Jammer 2009-07-21 17:34

Yeah, I saw the background show that aired just prior to episode 1, that kinda gave the back story from Doctor Who through the present. Little more man-love than I was prepared for, but if I squint I can pretend Capt. Jack is Jackqueline.

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