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RepoMan 2010-10-04 11:14

Japan Travelogue Volume 1: The First Few Days in Tokyo
For anyone interested, I thought I'd try to sort through 1000+ photos and try to organize my two weeks in Japan.

Halfway there, 7 hours in. by RepoMan84, on Flickr

In flight entertainment, in order: Kill Bill 2, Iron Man 2, Family Guy ep, Law & Order ep, Adam's Rib, Fight Club

Bonus video: Fight Club plane crash on plane

View of the Tokyo Tower from my sister's balcony. by RepoMan84, on Flickr

My sister's neighborhood. Bonus detail is the girls in the kimonos coming down the steps of the little restaurant in the lower right. by RepoMan84, on Flickr

Apparently this was the sister restaurant to another down the street, and if it was too crowded, the girls would lead customers down the street to the second restaurant. Here they're walking towards the Tokyo Tower. The local AM/PM market we frequented is also visible. One of the first things I found amazing was that even just walking into the AM/PM, the people working there would greet you. by RepoMan84, on Flickr

On the second night, we went out on a party boat, or the MFB as its known. Three girls in yukatas lip sync to popular Japanese and Western tunes. This small video monitor pretty much just let the people in the front rows see what was going on on the stage. by RepoMan84, on Flickr

With your ticket, you get free beer all night, so eventually of course YMCA comes out.

Yeah... so.

Japan is filled with artistic manhole covers. by RepoMan84, on Flickr

Japan is also filled with vending machines. Due to low crime, they stick them pretty much everywhere. That's one thing that really struck me, there wasn't too much graffiti or vandalism, so these bright, shiny machines remained bright and shiny, and they were all over. At times it seemed like you couldn't walk half a block without coming across one. by RepoMan84, on Flickr by RepoMan84, on Flickr

A common sight in Tokyo, street after street filled with shops and restaurants. by RepoMan84, on Flickr

Another striking thing about Japan is the mix of old and new. I'll get into that more with better examples, but here's a temple right next to my sister's office building. by RepoMan84, on Flickr

It's a people area. by RepoMan84, on Flickr

A view of Tokyo and the tower from my sister's office. On a clear day she can see Mt. Fuji from her desk. by RepoMan84, on Flickr

Bic Camera, my first foray into consumer overload. It's out of focus because I was mentally out of focus thanks to jet lag. by RepoMan84, on Flickr

It's floor after floor of electronics, alcohol, household appliances... photos don't really do it justice, so here's a video

After that overload, we stopped by the International Forum building on the way home. by RepoMan84, on Flickr

This place was huge, and despite there being quite a few people on the lower floor, it was incredibly quiet. by RepoMan84, on Flickr


One final look at the neighborhood and the tower before we leave for Kyoto. This picture also illustrates how orderly traffic usually seems to be. Drivers manage to stay behind the lines at intersections and yield for pedestrians. Pedestrians don't jaywalk. Despite the number of people and cars and bikes, it all works. by RepoMan84, on Flickr

Next time, it's all aboard the bullet train...

kokopelli 2010-10-04 20:34

Looking forward to Volume II.

texasaurus 2010-10-04 22:23

awesome, repo

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