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RepoMan 2009-07-20 9:40

Hops update...

NocturnalGuy 2009-07-20 19:58

Wow, nice!

ash# 2009-07-21 11:12

Those are some serious hops this year. I can't wait to see them boiling away in a kettle during the next brew session. We are long overdue for brewing...

So I am thinking we do an all grain triple. And maybe something like a Nut Brown Ale... that is a good fall beer. I would like to do a bock, but that is tougher to brew... I think you need to lager that at a colder temp for a while. A step we are usually not prepared to take.

RepoMan 2009-07-21 15:17

Good ideas. We could always ferment in the keg fridge for the lagering.

ash# 2009-07-22 9:05

I still think we would need to rack to a secondary fermenter for lagering... which we dont have if we are making two batches. And I think a 6 gallon carboy is too big for a secondary... too much open space above the beer.

RepoMan 2009-09-05 19:42

OK, this was my hops yield last year:

This is my yield from the same vines this year (and I still have more to pick):



ash# 2009-09-08 10:47

Goddamn that is a lot of hops this year. Cant wait to brew with those. I would say that we use them for flavoring and aroma on both batches. For bittering we still might want to go with a pellet of something with a higher alpha. easier to use in the whole boil that way too.

RepoMan 2010-01-11 11:08

Sparging 30 lbs of grain for a Scotch Ale:

ash# 2010-01-11 11:33


mmmmmmm.... cant wait to bottle that stuff.

RepoMan 2010-01-22 16:07

Scotch Ale, before bottling:


NocturnalGuy 2010-01-22 20:40

'E'll be cryin' 'imself ta sleep tonight on 'is 'uuuuge pilla!

ash# 2010-01-25 9:21

The urge to open one up and try it is nearly unbearable. I am going to be strong though, and wait until Friday.

FulanoDeTal 2010-01-25 12:08

Is that duct tape and hockey equipment in the background?

RepoMan 2010-01-25 13:37

The less you know the better.

RepoMan 2010-03-01 10:48

Heed came in 3rd out of 15 in its category in War of the Worts. (Table 9 - Strong Scotch Ale and Baltic Porter)

texasaurus 2010-03-01 16:44

Nice Job, Repo. Cheers!

kokopelli 2010-03-01 21:22

Nice! I'm also surprised to see a winner from Coatesville in there. I thought people from my part of the world only focused on illegal drugs!

ash# 2010-03-02 8:40


Originally Posted by kokopelli (Post 8862)
Nice! I'm also surprised to see a winner from Coatesville in there. I thought people from my part of the world only focused on illegal drugs!

And arson!

RepoMan 2010-11-02 9:53

New batch of homebrew using all homegrown cascade hops.

The hops (turned out to be about 15oz dried)
DSC_0449.jpg by RepoMan84, on Flickr
DSC_0387 by RepoMan84, on Flickr
DSC_0390 by RepoMan84, on Flickr

DSC_0380 by RepoMan84, on Flickr

Butters approves
Brewing with Butters by RepoMan84, on Flickr

Hops in the boil
DSC_0388 by RepoMan84, on Flickr

Fermenting away
DSC_0393 by RepoMan84, on Flickr

kokopelli 2010-11-08 21:22


RepoMan 2010-11-09 9:01

Hmm. Paired with food it might actually be pretty tasty, but alone? I'm not so sure.

b0rg9 2010-11-09 12:28

What, are they trying to compete with Hamm's?

txmxmatt 2011-03-01 14:06

Fear not, spacemen...

RepoMan 2011-03-01 14:27


RepoMan 2011-03-21 9:11

Latest homebrew, Honey Porter.
DSC_0726 by RepoMan84, on Flickr


ash# 2011-03-21 10:05

Aww hells yea. I gotta start drinking that stuff for serious now.

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