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texasaurus 2010-05-16 20:10

Chuck Norris won't run.
So let's get Dale Peterson!

akaMonty 2010-05-17 10:38

He's got my vote.

Gear Jammer 2010-05-17 16:18

Presentation is a tad over the top, but I like the substance of much of what he has to say, I'd vote for him if I could.

FulanoDeTal 2010-05-17 17:52

is it me or doesn't it look like he's threatening his opponents with gun violence?

RepoMan 2010-05-18 8:15

Threatening them with his bad trigger discipline.

Chuck 2010-05-18 9:09

What Repo said, you never put you finger on a trigger to you are ready to fire which makes me believe like all politicians he is full of shit and the only thing he probably shoots is his mouth off.

FulanoDeTal 2010-05-18 10:48

very true, you can tell that horse doesn't respect him either. He's a fraud!

texasaurus 2010-05-20 19:39

ForD parody.. awesome+2

Chuck 2010-05-21 4:11


RepoMan 2010-05-21 7:50


Oh man, I love the seemingly ad-libbed bit at the very end.

"Come on Franklin, we mean business! Git! Business!"

texasaurus 2010-05-21 7:56

"Vote for me or I'll shoot you in the face" is what i was thinking about the original video, before I even found the parody. :nod:

FulanoDeTal 2010-05-21 13:21

yup, see that's what I was referring too also.

Gear Jammer 2010-05-21 19:15

LMAO, saw a clip from that earlier, but this was the 1st I saw it in it's entirety.

texasaurus 2010-06-15 17:41

texasaurus 2010-09-23 5:52

Update.. Poor Dale.

He didn't get the nomination, but something tells me he'll be back in races...

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