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b0rg9 2011-12-08 22:38

Christmas pics 2011
Hope everyone's holiday season has gotten some positive aspect to it. I know this time of year can be a time of conflicted emotions. Times aren't necessarily ideal but hey we're all still processing oxygen so we got that going for us, which is nice. Here's a few night shots from around my humble abode (yes I tell potential employers, "I know Abode")

My house (not as lit up as it's been in the past but still nice)...

My tree...

The tree in back of my house I planted dedicated to my last dog -- it's grown quite high in the last several years. I light it up in memory of her (she was born Christmas morning 1991)...

Please post more Christmas/holiday pics if y'all got 'em...

JangoFett 2011-12-09 9:43

My cat Hops enjoying the christmas tree (aka his new cat toy)

FulanoDeTal 2011-12-09 11:20

Nice shots, both of you guys.

You named your cat Hops? That's awesome!

stacyrings 2011-12-09 14:17

I wish my cat would just climb the tree, she wants to eat it.

RepoMan 2011-12-09 16:19

Looking festive, guys!

b0rg9 2011-12-19 20:11

The Safety Harbor, Fla. Christmas Parade was this past weekend. The husky meetup group I belong to had an entry. Ten dogs hooked up to the training gig and the rest of us tagged alongside. We were right in front of the final entry which was Santa and Mrs. Claus, themselves, so it was kind of cool -- it was like Santa was being pulled by twenty-some odd huskies.

Me with my mom's husband and all five family dogs...

Komo is my new one (on the left) along with Schmoo...

:snowman: Here's a short vid from the parade...

NocturnalGuy 2011-12-20 9:32

That's great!

FulanoDeTal 2011-12-20 11:19

I've always liked huskies, but I doubt I'll ever get a dog. It's nice to see how happy all those look on parade.

RepoMan 2011-12-20 14:48

That's awesome and those are some great-looking dogs!

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