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Hey Mechapeeps!

BTW, in case you missed my brief message at snottybeer, the first TSZ post was me. ;)

Anyways, on my old computer I was using PS 7 . On my new computer I now have CS3, and have been fooling around with it. Still have to learn all the really cool things like smart objects and warping (VERY old news to you guys, I know).

I seem to remember taking a layer or a selection on a layer and hitting Ctrl-M for curves, or Ctrl-L for levels, for ex, to permanently change that layer or selection. NOT an adjustment layer, which you can go back and alter later. I can't seem to do that now. What simple thing am I oh-so-obviously overlooking? Anything else cool with CS I should know about?

Thanks for the help! Great to see all the old friends still hanging out here. :)
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