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So since I've killed the mondo cable TV channel package I've been geeking pretty heavily on the xBox.

Netflix, networked to the PC, all that crazy crap.

I ran across Playon the other day. 14 day free trial, think it's $40 after the trial if you keep it.

Playon is some kind of RSS/psychic/radar type thing-sends content directly to the xBox. The default providers are Hulu, CBS, utube, etc. Subscribe to shows from Hulu, turn on the xBox and there they are.

Quality isn't bad at all. 51 TV from 13' away.

I know there are some hackish ways to do this without playon. I could probably figure this stuff out-download, rip, send, watch, you know. I'd be clicking my heels together all day getting it to work.

Downloaded playon, threw my site passwords in there, done. Worked right out of the box. Had to fiddle with the firewall but that's it. Pretty slick.

I'm not thrilled about the navigation on the xBox though. Go to that page, this folder, that folder, another folder. Eventually you get there.

It really gets crazy through the plugins. Went to, downloaded some plugins, drag'n drop, easy as pie. I did Food Network hoping to get Good Eats, no luck. But still-if I want to watch the "lets make a crazy ass cake show" I can.

That's kind of the trick-do you really want to watch the content. Hulu yeah, that's newer stuff.

I thought this was funny. Of course somebody made a plugin for "that site"-this is the internet and all. Took that certain plugin out of the folder, we don't want that accessible to everyone. Something about a pool and girls with very loose morals, not sure. At least that's the one I watched, I like swimming.

Anyhow-Playon is pretty slick and it works. Worth $40? Maybe.
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