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Got a question about availability. Check this,

I put this in the queue and they sent me, disc 2 & 3, with 1 being unavailable. WTF? It's brand new. The discs are not labeled, but say: Light my fire (volume 1) start me up (volume 3), I guess mislabeled by netflix. I think #2 is the one I'm missing. Can you check your local netflix and see what they say?

They are not really worth renting, kinda lame for something as important as archiving R&R history, but I'm guessing licensing plays heavy on releasing the good stuff. I was hoping for the ramones, talking heads and blondie. They have added the contents of the discs and #2 is the one I didn't get, I would like to see the Springsteen stuff, and Neil.

For the record, another one that is never available is the ed sullivan R&R classics. I got one disc and it went to limbo.
Is there a way to get stuff nationwide, it seems to only index your local distro inventory?
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