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I thought this morning the only thing that remembered my birthday was my car dealership's computer system that made a robocall to my cell phone to wish me happy birthday. Then my mom called and that was much more sincere than the Dayton Andrews Dodge Chrysler Jeep mainframe.

Yeah, Chuck, got the AARP shit in the mail. Tossed it. I can find deals on the early birds my own damn self.

Got a cake at work and some of these brownie/chocolate chip cookie things that got gobbled up. I think they felt guilty because I razzed our HR/Sales manager about our online timeclock bulletin not showing my birthday (it usually shows every little thing going on -- birthdays, work anniversarys, break room fridge cleanings...) but this morning it was blank. Nothing. So yay I guess. I work for good people and I have to be thankful for that every day.

Anyway tonight was just making like four stops on the way home for things like groceries, booze, dog food and prescriptions. Exciting. I may treat myself to some scrambled eggs for dinner since it's already getting late and I don't want to eat too heavy. Or I may say fuggit and throw in a frozen pizza. Livin' the dream, baby!

Thanks again.
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