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Agree that the gameplay is a bit dated, especially Halo CE. I did however, have a blast playing that coop Epic Battles playlist. The Halo 2 level we did was awesome, and I was not bothered at all by the older gameplay. Probably because I was the gunner in the Gauss Warthog.

Absolutely agree that the grinding in Destiny is starting to get to me. When I fire the game up, the only prospect for advancement is finding shards and once I find like 15 more, I might have enough to get to level 29... And what does that actually get me in the end? Not much. Needs more story expansion, new bounties, new everything.

I think maybe I will revise my earlier comment and say I would be interested in playing some Halo 3 MP once they have matchmaking fixed. I could do some Halo 4 MP too, I enjoyed that.
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