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"Why is one bandwidth-hungry town building its own 1Gbps fiber network for its citizens when AT&T already offers them 6Mbps DSL? Thatís the question AT&T would like to ask city leaders in Chanute, Kansas, a small town of roughly 9,000 people that is petitioning the state to allow it to offer greater access to the high-speed fiber network that it built to support town utility operations.

The Wichita Eagle reports that AT&T is concerned about this development and ďfiled to officially intervene in the case and was granted that permission on Tuesday morningĒ this week.

ďAny decision made by the KCC could impact AT&Tís business operations in the area, which is why we asked to intervene in the proceeding,Ē AT&T told The Eagle. ďAT&T remains interested in both broadband issues and the work of the KCC.Ē

Itís true that a 1Gbps fiber service would definitely impact AT&Tís business operations in the area and likely for the very worse. Ars Technica points out that Chanute would charge citizens just $40 per month for its 1Gbps service, which is a mere $5 more than the six-month teaser rate for AT&Tís 6Mbps service. Whatís more, AT&Tís plan includes a hard data cap of 150GB per month and going over that limit will set you back by an additional $10 per month." (More)
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