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News on the Dogs:

Well, it was an eventful weekend, dog-wise at our house. The family that adopted Repo emailed PFC and it looks like everything is going well there- they sent a few pictures to her, I'll try to get her to share..

Regarding Stacy and the puppies: Little Wednesday and Pugsly have moved over to another foster family. They were picked up Saturday by one of the Schnauzer rescue folks. It was time to go ahead and separate them from the mama. The puppies are doing fine so far- but we've had a issue come up with mama Stacy.

Yesterday afternoon Stacy started coughing and her temperature quickly shot up and she's feeling pretty ill. She hasn't eaten anything since yesterday morning- just been laying in her crate, and we are getting a little worried. PFC talked to Dr. Collette last night and there are a few things that might be wrong: It could be kennel cough, which can be treated pretty easily. It could be distemper- which would be bad. It might be the onset of doggy pneumonia, which isn't going to be any fun- but treatable. She was scheduled to have her sterilization surgery this week, but that's been canceled until we know for sure what's going on with her. We are most worried that this might be distemper, because this came on very suddenly.
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