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First Impressions:

Multiplayer -- Looks like they tweaked it from the beta pretty significantly in some ways. Slower fire rate on the DMR, lower grenade damage. Seems tougher to land a melee strike too. I think this will take me a while to get used to, but I think it is going to be awesome. I wonder if it will always be so damn hard when you are on offense in Invasion, or if people will come up with good strategies.

Firefight -- I think this is going to be awesome. The two matches we played last night were really fun. So many options here too. The perfect cure for "we just got pwned 25-6 in team slayer by some basement dwelling elmo"

Campaign -- played through mission 2. Seems like 27 kinds of awesome so far. I thought the interactions with the other members of the squad worked great. Grunts are not necessarily gimme kills anymore, those jackal guys are quick as shit, and the Elites are tough to bring down. Level design is really cool although I have really only seen one level.

Theater seems as good as it ever was. Pretty easy to grab a screenshot or clip. Question to Jango and AsMuch... I clicked "recommend video to friends" and it said that it recommended it, but it didn't ask me who to recommend it to. So did you guys get an XBL message or did it just show up in your "recommended" folder when you go into theater?

I also like that it seems that your rank is compiled across modes... so campaign experience goes to leveling up your MP rank. This game is going to eat up a TON of my gaming time in the future.
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