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The real America not that part where you live.

Major preface: THIS IS IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM A PERSONAL ATTACK! I like you just fine GJ, having said that...
Let me say this clearly and if this was in person LOUDLY. FUCK SARAH PALIN! No, not fuck you GJ, but fuck her, fuck the liberals who tied her to this, fuck the rightwingers and teabaggers who kept this shit up. I even linked the map with the gunsight markings in a thread, not to lay blame but to ask should we do things like that when we never know what tomorrow brings.
I care that a 9 year old girl and many others died, a what seems to be truly pleasurable member of congress who may or may not ever be the same again. I care that good people from had to witness something that will haunt them till the day they die.
I do not give a fuck what Palin says and I think neither does 90% of America, quit listening to pundits pushing bullshit and stirring crap.
If you take this personally I certainly didn't write it as such but I am tired of it, tired of he said, she said. Tired of you suck liberal, you suck harder teabagger and on and on. Don't care what Michael Jackson's rabbi (yes he was) has to say either.
We must do better, take the anger and do something more productive with it,
That is all.
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