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I'm in no way shape or form a Palin backer...I have no desire to see her as our next President. That being said, the attack machine was loosed on this tragic incident by the Left, within hours of the shots being fired. Attempts to cast blame for the nutbag murderer on Palin, Conservative talk radio personalities, and the Tea Party were rampant for several days. Often using graphics, and words that were used by those folks, that were quite similar to those used by the Left in the election cycle. The evidence is now in, and even with it, the attacks from the Left continue. The murderous bastard is not a Tea Partier, a Conservative, a fan of Palin, or even a listener to Conservative talk radio. He was a stalker, plain, and simple. Sorry to have set you off so Chuck. Truth be told, I'm sick of the attacks as well, and wish folks could have waited for the facts to come in, before attempting to throw their political rivals under the bus, especially in the case of an incident that was so tragic.
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