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Like film, you can change the iso, typically 100 = outside, 400 = inside. I'm sure that beast can go up to like 1200 iso. You will lose detail with the higher iso's, think film grain, but may be ok for printing, and surely internetz.

Another thing is stabilization, tripods and all. Anything under like 125 shutter speed for old people like me needs some stabilization, you spring chickens can probably get down to a 30th and be ok. I saw a trick for a near free "tripod" I think it was on lifehacker. It was simply a large flat washer tied to some strong string at one end, on the other end, was a 1/4 - 20 bolt. That is the thread on the bottom of the camera. You screw it in and stand on the washer and pull up, that taught line will help keep the camera still.

Remember you can crop! Don't feel like you have to zoom in close, that thing got some good glass on it, stand back and zoom out with the intent to crop later.

Also, if you have a remote shutter release, use it. pressing the shutter button will induce some camera shake at low shutter speeds.

Oh and awesome xmases present!

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