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Down to the final five. I'll go out on a limb and predict that either Choncho or Neicy is going home this week. PFC and I are rooting for Erin- Nicole and Evan are easily the best.

The stars that are left are doing 2 full dances tonight, so two sets of scores. Second dances have a theme..

Chunko. First Dance: meh. Scored 21. Second dance was a jive, which was a little better (a 70's disco mess) scored 24. Total of 45 for the night.

Neicy. Ya just can't help but love Neicy. Nice waltz, she's dropped a few lbs since the start of the show. Scored 23 on the first (I thought she did a little better), Second dance was her Paso Doble, fun to watch, but off technically- only scored 20, for a total of 43.

Erin Andrews. Looked great, sharp tango for her first dance. Very good- scored 28. Second dance was an 80's themed Rumba, kinda goofy, scored 25. total 53.

Evan Lysacek. Waltz first, very good. 27. Second dance was a weird future cha-cha of some sort. The judges liked it, scored 26. Total 53

Nicole. First dance-nailed it. Holy crap HOT. Scored a 29 on the first dance. Second dance- paso doble, 50's style. Amazing. Interesting choreography, the judges loved it. Perfect 30. Scored 59/60 for the night.

Results Show: Gipsy Kings rocks bumble yea oh!. The Sports Center guys were on doing the "Dance Center" bit. U.C. Sandy-Eggo and Purr-Doo had a college dance off- both great. Eight young ladies, n'er a one over the drinkin' age, not yet interrupted in life by the drama and trauma of enhancement surgery, all of whom have been dancing their areses off eight hours a day for months.. well you get the idea. Sort of win-win for everyone on that one.

Came down to Chandchonx, Erin and Neicy. Neicy was very gracious when she learned it was her final show. Would have liked to see her on at least another week.

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