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Big show tonight.

So it comes down to the final three: Nicole the Pussycat Doll, Evan the Olympian and Erin the Espied upon. Co-host Brook Burke wore some ridiculously really big hair for the special night to match the implants. Well done.

The Samba was up first for Erin. Hot red feathered outfit and great dance. Scored well with 29. Her freestyle, well.. different. Lots of slinging each other around. Scored 26 for a total of 55.

Evan first dance was Viennese Waltz. Very classy, clean, precise. Scored 28. His freestyle dance (Footloose!) was amazing and energetic. The judges were disappointed, scored them a 24. Total for the night of 52.

Nicoles first was the Rumba. Red little outfit that looked more like a teddy than a dress. But I digress. Great dance, judges knocked her for a technical point or two. Scored 28. Freestyle was great, (Elvis song) with one slip up on a lift at the end, so everyone got a little less pointage tonight for last night jitters.... scored 27, totaling 55.

stay tuned..

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