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Final Results Show.

Entertainment on deck: All the stars from the start of the season. Buzz is still alive, still H8 K8, what's-her-face, Pamela Knockerson, et al.. Brook Burke- extra yummy in gold, btw.

Finalists Stars Dancing: All 3 did the Argentine Tango tonight. The Judges did not reveal scores, only gave a small review and ranked the three at the end.

Nicole. Absolutely amazing- beautiful, sexy, and dead on perfect.
Evan. Great Job. Guy's a natural dancer.
Erin. Fantastic blood red outfit, beautiful dance. (Our fav!)

1st place-Nicole, 2nd place Evan, and 3rd place Erin (dang!)

Seemingly endless review of the former stars, Srsly. Former contestants attempted a bit of dance here and there.

Cutesy montages of stars fighting with their dance-a-ma-partners. Way too many Sex in The City promos (1).

Midpoint on show. Third place was announced, Erin had to take a seat. (We wuz robbed I tellz ya!) She was brought to tears. Amazing accomplishment for her. Been through a lot, poor girl. She's a winner for everyone that watched the show, and we luvs her. She did one last cha-cha- emotional, but fun.

Super College Final Spankdown!!1 - Purr-do Vs. UVeeU. jdges piks UVU FTW!11!!

Montage of stars like Regis and other E! news types talking about the show. Seriously. Larry King? He's still alive?

Pamela and Neicy did a sexy little number than was fun to watch..

Second round of Dancing, Evan vs. Nicole.
Nicole did an out of this world Jive to 'Rollin' on the River'. Gold, sparkly, fun. Scored a perfect 30, 115 two night total.
Evan danced a quickstep. Cheap Tricks 'I Want You to Want Me'. Flawless, precise, lively... Scored 28. 108 two night total.

and the winner is.... Nicole "Pussycat" Scherzinger. Good job, Nicole..

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