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Number Two: Dance

Week two showed that just about everyone can improve. The scores were all pretty close.

Gold Stars go to:

Ralph Macchio: Nice follow up to last week. And a really nice guy.
Chelsea Kane: Disney know how to crank 'em out. Cool jive. Judges full of sh*t on her scores.
Kirstie Alley: Hard not to love her personality. Hard not to notice those giant buttocks. Still, fun.
Kendra Wilkinson - I think the judges hate her. Not a bad job at all, though. Looks great.
Sugar Ray Leonard - REALLY improved. I was very surprised this week.
Petra Nemcova - Judges are struck by her beauty, but she improved too. Striking looks.
Chris Jericho - Also improved.. swear it's a different guy this week!
Romeo - Lots of energy. If he gets some control on that energy he's gonna go far.
Hines Ward - Also, very much improved. He may be a breakout if his fans get into it.

Needs Improvement
. Seriously:

Wendy Williams, Psycho Mike. Ugh for both. I think they will be among the first group leaving the island. Both are letting the nervousness get to them.

NOTE: I am not a fan of Kendra Wilkinson. PFC used to watch the Playboy show "The Girls Next Door" on the cables, and that's what I know her from. I think she's a bit too far over on the crude side of the isle for my taste (is 'trailer parkish' a good descriptor?). That being said I have to point out that in my view, Kendra and Petra Nemcova are pretty much in the sames business- posing nekkid or nearly nekkid and acting sexy for money. I think if they were judged honestly and fairly their performances would score about even tonight- however, the judges attitude attitude toward them were like night and day, and I can't help but think they are showing some prejudice, perhaps because of their backgrounds.

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