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Pretty far along in the show now. Another double elimination tomorrow night. Down to the final seven and the scoring is getting harder.

Rod Stewart is going to be on tomorrow nights show, BTW.

Michael Irvin (Cowpoker)

He's improved, but I honestly think this might be the week for him to go. His Foxtrot was hard to watch. The judges liked him tonight and graciously gave him a 23.

Donny Osmond (Toothy Grinner)

Made a few mistakes- not really too noticable, but the judges did not like it and let him know. Maybe it's just me, but his "always on, always cheerful" routine is wearing thin. Crowd still loves him, Scored 24.

Mark Dacascos (Souper)

Had to dance with a replacement dancer, his was sick this week. I think the choreography suffered. Bad night for the Iron chef. Not bad overall, but not up to par for this far along in the show. Only scored 19.

Mya (Foxytrotter)

Fantastic outfit. Very well choreographed foxtrot. Very glamorous- good timing, beautiful to watch. The old fart judge didn't like parts of the dance, but the other two (the ones with sense) loved it. Scored 25. (deserved better)

Aaron Carter (Rock it, boy)

Danced to Dee Snider's "We're not gonna take it" Yeah, seriously. Supposed to be a Jive, but just looked like a big fast blur of aerobic jumping and steps.. Judges loved it though. High energy, fast, furious and clean Scored 29. Highest of the season so far.

Kelly Osbourne (Cry, Baby)

Salsa tonight for Kelly. Looked restrained, I don't think she has the energy to do a salsa right. Had a few good moves and technically made the all the right steps, but overall disappointing. She has noticeably gotten in better shape over the course of the show, BTW. Judges were kind and gave her a 24.

Joanna Krupa (2 Hot for Words)

Rumba. Very hot. VERY. One stumble. Beautiful outfit. Great choreography. Scored 28

Group dances were also performed. To teams, Three couples on one side, four on the other. First group up was Aaron, Mya, Michael and Mark. Danced the Paso Doble- bull fighter dance. Interesting.. very macho. Mya did the best of the group. Scored 24, as a group. Second group was Kelly, Donny and Joanna. Danced the Tango. Well choreographed, Good timing. Much better than the other group. Scored 28.
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