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So you don't feel cheated out of a decent review, here's the executive summery.

Keepers: Brandy. Jennifer. Audrina. Kyle. Rick.

Toss 'Em: The Sitch. The Palin. Flo-Hen. Kurt.

Guest Appearances:

Neo. Hip-hop guy. First time on television. Reminded me of Usher. Not bad, I think he was called in to replace Susan Boyle, who was scheduled to appear, but a throat problem caused her to cancel.

Donny Osmond was on as guest reporter/Disney Spokesman. Still a little animosity about him beatin My'a. She was robbed I tells ya.

Michael Bolton was back to sing Hallelujah, the arrangement from Shrek. (They claim on the show that it was Michael that stepped in for Susan B- yeah, right.) Exactly what you'd expect, with a boys choir and some fancy dancin'. They even busted out the fog machine to make the dance floor all cloudy. Those boys choirs are easy to get at the last minute, right? Probably on craigslist or something.

A couple of the male professional Russian dancers did a version of BritnySpearz Toxic on their guitar and fiddle- and a little dance. Let me just say that I hope modern wearfare doesn't ever come down to a dance off between us and the reds, because those rooskies can dance their f**king asses off.

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