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I'm enjoying this so far. The effects are good, the drama of the situations -- which, imo, is the best feature of zombie movies over any absolute horror -- is excellent.

I realize this is based off an already written graphic novel, of which I'm not familiar with. I just hope this story doesn't get too "inbred". Seeing the previews to episode three, it looks like they're already planning on going back for white trash redneck dude, because, lo and behold, someone at the camp is his brother (what a coincidence). Also, his patrol partner banging his wife, while adding some personal drama, has little zombie value to me. This little piece of storyline hopefully will have more meaning than the "at least there's a storyline where I can get my girlfriend/wife to watch a zombie show with me" aspect.

Being kind of hyper-critical on this show -- and I really like it, don't get me wrong -- but this story almost lends itself to the disposable mini-dramas that never get resolved and the show moves on, like the Sopranos gave you week after week.
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