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Week Three: Dance

Wendie Williams: Very slow Fox Trot... Like watching them practice at half speed. Not good. Looks like she's lost a bit of weight too. 15/30

Chelsea Kane: Cha-Cha in a fantastic little gold outfit. Fun to watch, full of energy- she needs to work on her smoothness, but great job overall. 23/30

Chris Jericho: Dude is REALLY trying. Did a tribute to his mom, with the "Let it Be". Good job- seriously surprised at his ability. I think he's one of those winner-types that isn't afraid to sacrifice is machismo for the sake of winning. 21/30

Kendra Wilkinson: Meh. Kinda slutty. (One of the judges compared it to a stripper performance) Not bad, but not much improved either. A generous 23/30.

Romeo: Sort of the same as Kendra- not bad, but not much improved either. Seemed slow. 20/30

Hines Ward: Good job tonight. Needs work on his moves- still looks a little stiff, but scored well. 25/30

Petra Nemcova: Very beautiful waltz, nice outfit. Still improving. 25/30

Sugar Ray Leonard: As much as I like Sugar Ray, he needs work. He's improved, but still at the bottom of the pile. 20/30

Kirstie Alley: Ouch. Kirstie's partners hip gave out at the beginning, and they had a pretty bad moment (u-toob it)- which they tried to overcome. Bittersweet dance. Judges were kind to give them 21/30.

Ralph Macchio: Great dance, but lacked excitement.. He's hard not to like. Still improving. 21/30

Brooke Burke fans: Brought the girls back out tonight. Inner-side-boob sprinkled very liberally throughout the show.

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