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Week Six- Dance

It's "Guilty Pleasures" week. (They totally stole this idea from me, btw- it's basically the "Songs I'm a litle embarrassed to have on my iPod" music selection)

Kirstie Alley: (Hit Me Baby One More Time) Samba. Finally got a break this week. Nice job movin dat bigassround da danceflow 2nite- she looks like she's lost a pretty good chunk of weight since the beginning of the show. (I have to think that helps her audience votes) 26/30. Best score so far for her this season...

Chris Jericho: (Don't Stop Believin') Nice job, but I expected a little better at this point- His Tango looked a little stiff to me.. Scored 22

Romeo: (Theme to Titanic) Waltz. Very good. One judge called it magical, and I agree. 28/30, including the first "10" of the season.

Chelsea Kane: (Walkin' On Sunshine) Quickstep dressed as nerdz. If you're into cute, young, nubile, leggy, little blonds packed full of energy dancing in shiny backless strapless fifties frocks, then this was your lucky day. Great Job, Dizkid. tied with Romeo with 28.

Kendra Wilkinson: (Livin La Vida Loca) Samba. Borderline pornographic at time. Sparkly. She's proud of those cans. 25/30.

Hines Ward: (End of the Road by Boyz2Men) Waltz. Beautiful dance- ya gotta love the guy's ability to move that huge frame around like that. 27.

Ralph Macchio: (Sweat by C&C Music Factory) Paso Doble, great energy, bit of a little slip- but really fun. Straight eights for 26.

Special guest/houseband tonight: Hansen. Performed a little "Achey-Breaky Heart", "Ice, Ice, Baby", "Cum on Feel the Noise" and just a bit'o "Mmm-Bop". Dee-lish

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