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And this weekend was the spring car show at Daytona. We went on Friday, to avoid the crowds, and because my friend wanted to ditch work. Over all it was uneventful, but we almost came home with a '49 lincoln. I think the deal died when I told my friend I am not able to do this shit anymore. It was a spectacular piece of iron. I got me a can of spray prime, that was the expenditure for the day. There wasn't as much tempting us as up in Moultrie, but there is a 70 mustang in Craigslist here for $1000! So tempting!

There were a lot of cars there, I'd say about half the amount that would show for saturday. But with more cars also comes more people, and I'm sure it was a zoo. We thought of going back on sunday, but we had enough walking and sun for a while.

If you don't want to wade through 250 car pics, head down to the swap meet section. I found stuff there that shocked even me. Really, you got to see this. It's what I have been talking about all these years, what this place is really like! Anyway, lots of pics!
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