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Well, I was hoping the fullmecha would return, but that's not the real reason. The real reason is my 95 lincoln blew it's motor. For no apparent reason, it's a 4.6, and gave no indications that the head gaskets may fail. I have not checked exactly what the problem is, I moved on to the car it replaced 2 years ago.

That car, a 91 grand marquis, I had for a very long time. It has a newish motor and trans, but needed a bunch of things fixed that I let slide. Safety stuff like the upper control bushings and shocks, maybe brakes? Convenience items like ac and heat and window motors. And cop items like the cracked windshield, that was likely caused by a redneck shooting pellets at cars up in the sticks where I used to work.

The wife is a horrible driver, and got ticketed for driving too close with a fucking cop behind her. He tagged her for the windshield too, well, because they are dicks. So, knowing there was at least $1000 in repairs to be done, it was more cost effective at the time to buy the Lincoln with working ac for $2000. I took the GM off the road and tried to get the cops to void the ticket by paying the $10 fine. They had to see the car, I told them it’s in the crusher, safety violations solved. They were too anal to understand the concept of the law and made me pay $87, even though the registration was transferred to the Lincoln. . I got some most of the parts I needed to fix it but only got the upper bushings done before parking the car in the backyard, out of sight out of mind.

Sooo, with the Lincoln, now needing at least $1000 in repairs, it too is off the road, and we just put $500 in Michelins on it. She is driving my cop car, which is extremely dangerous to drive in the rain. If you floor it on wet roads at 50, the tires will break loose. Anyway, I was working on the GM for the last 2 months.
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