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Sorry I haven't really updated as of late..

Little Pitch went very quickly. He was just way too adorable and was just a little cuddle monster. Went to a family with to preteen/teen daughters.. he'll be fine..

A couple of weeks later we got Bubby (pic below). He's a good dog, lots of energy and very playful. Gonna have a great coat when his hair gets growing out after that butcher job they gave him. Likes to eat my bell pepper and jalepeno plants out of the garden I'm trying to get started. But I digress. We have a family that is going to adopt him in the next few days. He's going to a great family that I met last weekend at the adoption event- dog lovers big time and they loves the Schnauzers.

But the big news is that HUX is coming back. I'll detail more later, but apparently there has been an incident with him and the family wants to do the right thing, so it's all good.

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