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My company already reduced our production schedule by 40 percent over the next three months because of how the economy is re-shitting itself right now. 40 percent. Next month in one of our factories we will run 2 out of 13 lines. Fucking 2 lines. One of our other factories will run 6 out of 19 lines. I really hope that Washington doesn't decide to default, since I, unlike some in the House, believe that will make it WAY WORSE. I don't know how much more we can cut production.

I personally believe that there should be a balanced approach where spending and revenue are both part of the equation. I love the idea of closing loopholes and while lowering overall tax rates with a net increase in tax revenue. I also think that entitlements and defense and everything else is on the table and should get cut bigtime. Can't be all one or the other though.
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