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The real America not that part where you live.

Not mine but I agree with this that was posted on facebook.

"Entitlement" my ass, I PAID cash for my social security insurance! Our benefits aren't some kind of charity or handout. Congressional benefits -- free premium federal health care, enormous retirement packages, 67 paid holidays, 3 weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick days -- now THAT is welfare! And they have the nerve to call my retirement "entitlement"?
I am "entitled" to it, been paying in 40 years so yeah I am mad if I hear they think I should be fucked out of it. Seniors not really making it now and we have the nerve to say well prepare for worse, well the only worse is dying. How do I know? Both my mom and mother in law struggle with what they get. I help all I can but it isn't easy.
Best bet for saving money is to try our best to maybe not be in never ending wars. Now who was that commie president that warned us about the military industrial complex? Oh yeah it was Eisenhower. You know republican, former commanding general.
Tax raises for the rich, if lower taxes really made more jobs all these years of Bush era tax cuts would mean we would have to be putting a call out begging for help to fill jobs. I am not saying cripple the little guy, a contractor who pulls in a few hundred grand a year. We all know who should be doing more, millionaires, billionaires and corporations making vast profits.

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