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One of those indoor shopping malls

... I didn't say that there weren't a bunch of other things that do in fact, disqualify her in my opinion. But I was trying to avoid politically inflammatory remarks.

oh and @ "America is the safest place in the United States"

I had not heard that quote. That is pretty unfortunate.

Edit: On a more personal note with regards to the Delaware race, i have met and interacted with Mike Castle on many occasions back when I worked on the Hill and I would have absolutely voted for him if I lived in Delaware. He is a unassuming, nice guy with very reasonable, moderate views. And he treated his staff and other staffers like they were humans. He is what we need more of in Washington. Unfortunately, the moderate candidates on both sides of the center seem to be getting liquidated up by the more extreme wings of both parties. And that is not a good thing.
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