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Visiting my brain at the funny farm.

Fuck it I give up. B9 posts a related hotly tinged rant a week back including...

"a political ideology that appears to be, in essence, "Scream 'no!', make everything stop, fight against any suggestion, fillibuster anything the other guys want while lying bald-facedly whenever convenient... then turn around and bitch about a lack of results while trying to blame the other guy for it"?...Empathy-less selfishness. Willful ignorance, and unrepentantly misinformed about the remaining. Sociopathologically hypocritical. Blindly dogmatic to beliefs in fairy tales about a country that never was."

I ignore all the flame throwing and respond in a calm friendly manor, only see more fire balls thrown by others later, and just give up on even trying to respond further. In this thread I was simply trying to present a graphic visualization of the debt, I made no derogatory comments about the left, commies, liberals or any other shit, all I did was post the fucking link. When asked for info by you Chuck about the fucking Tea Party I fucking presented it at your request. Through heated posts in this thread from some, I did my best to remain calm in my postings. So the fuck with it all then. I'll stick to fucking around in the arcade. Ya'll can have the rest of the site free from anything resembling a thought outside the leftist paradigm.
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