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Originally Posted by b0rg9 View Post
BTW, were there any all-you-can-eat food troughs of their own variety there, or is that just not the way to dine in Japan?
I get the feeling that's just not how the Japanese tend to dine, but I could be wrong. What struck me was how many tiny restaurants there were all over the place. Some places were literally just holes in the wall with maybe room for 2 cooks, their equipment, and 4-6 people to eat. With so many choices and places close by, it just seems like a food trough would be overkill.

I don't know how I forgot this one: Okonomiyaki

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photo.jpg by RepoMan84, on Flickr

It's kind of like a pancake with all kinds of meats etc. that they bring over and let cook on your table's griddles. It was awesome. You cut off pieces with the paddle-shaped utensils you can see in this picture:

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tokyo_okonomiyaki by RepoMan84, on Flickr

Note the photobomber

edit: It struck me after talking about troughs that it looks like we're eating at a trough, there.

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