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Hey all,

I've enjoyed biking ever since a kid and used it as a prime means of transportation throughout my college years. However, I've been out of if for almost twenty years now and my health is showing for it.

I want to get back into it, and there's a real easy way literally on my doorstep which is the Pinellas Trail that can take me from my house to my workplace with only blocks of city streets to be on. This isn't something I'd necessarily do every day but two or three times a week would be awesome.

I went to the local bike store, which has been there for over forty years so I hope they're reputable, and their mechanic and other sales folk showed me a lot of options that are out there. There are so many bike styles these days I was amazed.

Anyway, through discussion and finding out what my needs were (a commute bike that could reach good speeds and was durable over less-than-friendly terrain) I am gravitating to the cyclocross type bike.

Those fat tire bikes really pique my interest and would be loads of fun, but would probably wear heavy on me to try to do my 15 mi. each way commute to work -- even on flat ground. And they probably don't have a top gear that's satisfactory for that.

So this is the bike that I'm really interested in right now. You can fit it with wider tires than what it comes with, it has a beautiful brushed aluminum finish with minimal markings which is sleek, IMO, and supposedly you can get it for less w/o the disc brakes -- but I can't find anything online about that and I kind of like the disc brakes for all-weather.

Those fat tires are still appealing, and the Origin 8 Crawler has one of those internal hub gearboxes but I bet it still tops out at low speed. Plus they're backordered until August. That's really not the bike I need for what I want to do. But damn man they look fun.

Let me know what you think about the Spesh linked above. I can get 12 mo. same as cash on it and the shop lists it for $100 less than msrp.

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