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Originally Posted by ash# View Post
Tell that guy to suck it.
Yeah, that's actually motivation to DO THIS!!!

I got much more positive feedback from workmates who I shared this with. And I also found out our programmer worked at a bike shop for several years, so he had a lot of input about what I'll need and how to deal with the purchase to get them to "sweeten the deal" so to speak and possibly get some accessories thrown in or discounted if I checkout w/ them at the time of bike purchase.

He thinks that bike's pretty sweet, too. We were talking about the Surlys and he's wanting the Karate Monkey to add to his collection.

Being a commute bike, and the inevitable getting stuck in bad weather I think I'm going to fit it w/ fenders. Here's a pic I found of the bike with them...

Click the image to open in full size.

It diminishes the cool lines of the bike a bit, IMO, but it is function over form. I'm thinking a rack on the back is in order at some point as well, as carrying a backpack for my shit isn't what I want to do regularly. Going to work I'm going to need to carry my cell, lunch and a change of shirt.

This is a bit of a big ticket item that I'm a little aprehensive about, but 1.) I don't want to buy a cheap bike and get discouraged about achieving this moderately long commute on a regular basis, and 2.) buying something cheaper puts me in the hole and further away from what I really want to begin with.

I've biked for years before. It's not like a passing fad that I'm not sure if I'm into. Cardiovascular exercise is the best fight against high blood pressure and this can be an investment in my health and lifestyle as well as save me some gas money, wear on my car and the daily risk of life if you've ever driven US19 down here. It's always in those top ten most dangerous roads in the country polls and there are so many asshole drivers out there. I'm so lucky to have a bike trail that goes from my house directly to work. How many people have that?
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