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Really happy that most of you are in agreement here. I've been looking for a new system and will start trying some out on the side. Shouldn't affect the live board in the meantime. I'll update here when there is something to show... it will take a while though. I haven't even settled on something but decent options seem to be MyBB, phpBB or even Discourse. Those are all free; the best paid board I've used is IPBoard (Invision) but as nice and full-featured as it is, it isn't worth the price tag for our needs.

I'd really love to try Discourse because it is super sexy and will likely be the future standard in forum software (just in time loading, scales great with tablet/mobile devices), but it will be quite a learning curve since it's in a language and run on a backend I am completely unfamiliar with. We'll see. If not that, MyBB is more likely than phpBB because it is easier to update and it's more secure at the moment (if for no other reason, because it isn't as widely used and targeted by hackers as phpBB).
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